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WTF Wednesday 11/20

What's got you saying WTF today?

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Re: WTF Wednesday 11/20

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  • My WTF is also work-related. One of our vendors was supposed to deliver a "final" version of something for one of my projects and I've been reviewing it yesterday and today. IT IS COMPLETE GARBAGE. I'm so annoyed by it, but I will continue to list out all the problems I find and send them to them at the end of the day.... fix your shit. 
  • Also work related: one of my surgical patients came in DRINKING EFFING JUICE. Do you WANT to die??!!! I literally lecture them about the dangers of anesthesia and food/water/liquid/gum/nicotine/whatever. 
    Soooo guess you really didn’t want your surgery, cancelled. Ughhhhhh
  • @footdrbritt  wtf?! People are dumb.

  • Mine goes to DH. I've been pretty sick, and last night he came home and made supper (I didnt eat, I just went to bed) and used all the milk and left all the dirty dishes in the kitchen. I had to clean the kitchen and run to the store before 7 this morning because I had a kiddo coming in for daycare and no milk in the house. 🙄 

  • milktmilkt
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    I bought Jolly Ranchers yesterday because some people said they helped with nausea. I didn't like or had them much as a kid, but holy heck these flavors are bad! Particularly cherry and blue raspberry.  :| The best flavor by far is the green apple.
    Edit: Also, my cat just tried to jump on my lap, didn't get up all the way and decided to latch on with her claws out. :|
  • WTF to the cell service at my office right now. Noooooothing is working. Texts, apps, internet... none of it! Guess I'll work :neutral:

  • @stlbuckeye132 I guess for transparency's sake I should admit that he got up yesterday at 230 am for work, worked 15 hours, drove an hour home, took DS to wrestling practice AND made supper. But still. No milk? Come on dude. You aren't new here. 
  • @modoodles I’d be super annoyed too about the daybreak milk run, but wow did your H have a LONG day!!
    My WTF is in solidarity with yours; every single week, 2x/week, my H ‘forgets’ on trash night to empty the diaper pail. And once a week on recycling day he ‘accidentally’ doesn’t include half the recycling in the pantry. And yet, he literally has 5 different alphabet books memorized cover to cover.
  • @pretzellover husbands are so good at selective forgetting! Mine can rattle off practically every NBA player’s alma mater but when it comes to remembering things I ask him to do around the house?? 25% chance 😂
    married 10.2016
    ttc #1 11.2017
    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
    iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
    iui #2 10.24.2019; bfp 11.4.2019; edd 7.17.2020

  • Wtf manager at work!!!!.definitely. I usually get Wednesdays and Saturdays off. For the last several months. The week of Thanksgiving I am getting Thursday and Saturday off.....Literally no extra time on a holiday week. None. And they dont let you take vacation days during certain times. So I said to her, " I'm assuming we get no time off for Christmas." "Yes we do!!! We are closed at 5pm Christmas Eve and Christmas day!" *major eye roll. I got more time off when I worked in a walmart store and factories. 
  • WTF to a 1.5 hour long “mandatory training” that was an absolute shit show! I had to rush through all my afternoon patients because of it.
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    WTF to we left the house at 8:30 this morning to drive up the mountain for my boyfriend's grandmother's funeral, and did a long grocery shopping trip afterward, so we didn't get home until like 5:30.  Came home to discover that we had accidentally shut one of my elderly cats in the bathroom, and he shit and piss all over the bed, including soaking down into the mattress.  Having finished washing the sheets on "boil" setting, currently working on the comforter, and the mattress is soaking in pet stain remover.  Guess I'm sleeping on the couch tonight, since the boyfriend still hasn't cleaned up the guest bedroom from his friend staying here a couple weeks ago...  Grr.
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  • Its not Wednesday anymore but WTF is with the Girl Scouts.  I have been trying to sign my older daughter into this organization since last year.  Last year she would always cry at the meetings and so we gave up.  This year I cant find a troop and then today when I thought we had it the meeting was a disaster of wild children and parents sitting 5 feet away not correcting or discipline or helping out the poor leader.  I ended up helping her clean up because I felt bad and Im brand new.  On top of that their website is atrocious in every sense and I get locked out constantly and cant get the password sent to me that I have to call them directly.  For an organization as old as they are I kinda thought they would have their stuff together more.  
  • @enchantindragon True story I was rejected from girl scouts in elementary school.  Troop we tried to join wouldn't take a child of a divorced family.

    Like their cookies though
  • @bluguitarhannah Seriously?  Ugh thats despicable.  I actually choose Girl Scouts vs Boy Scouts for my son because I dont like a lot of the boy scout policies that came out against LGBTQ leaders and such so I vowed not to sign up my son for their stances (he never had a true interest too)  Girl Scouts has always been more align socially with my views (or so I thought) which is why I was excited about the organization.  I really hope that was one troop leader being a jerk and not the organizations policy at the time.  I know they dont have it now but still thats an ugly side I didnt want to hear when Im already frustrated with them. 
  • @enchantindragon Most likely was the troop leader though hard to say.  I grew up in an extremely conservative town and there were a fair number of odd things like that in my day.  I'm 42.
  • @enchantindragon I have heard it's hard to find a troop in my area too. The one Brownie troop is "full".  All I know is last year I wanted to buy some cookies from a 3rd grader and she told me it was cash only and that I need to pay up front. Huh???  A bunch of little girls running around with cash and I won't get my cookies for another month? Sounds fishy. Maybe it's just this troop, IDK. 

    @bluguitarhannah That's awful. I guess I wouldn't have been allowed either!
  • @bluguitarhannah I hope so. Girl S outs big message is inclusion these days. So unbelievable someone would say that to a child. 

    @dancingtreepose Most girl scout orders are like that at least here. You order in advance and get it in a few months. They usually take down your order though so they know what to deliver and to who. Yes the Daisy troops in my area are full and that's why I'm having a hard time finding a troop for my daughter. The one in our town is full meaning if they take more girls they need an additional parent leader and it's hard to find people to volunteer as is so it's even harder once you are established with your two to get more to join on which is why so many fill up and can't take more girls 
  • My 9 year old is with Cub Scouts he seems to enjoy it. he is currently doing a fundraiser for scentsy this is our first time we will see how it goes.

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