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PG Admission

Hey ladies! Here is the link to the private group. Please request and the mods will look at post history, as previously discussed, to determine who is accepted. This may need to be done on a computer. Once approved please take note of the re-intro and picture thread. If there are any issues requesting, please let us know!

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Re: PG Admission

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  • Yay! Will do once I’m in front of a computer!
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  • I did it on my phone and it worked.  Which is good because I don't have a computer to use.... 
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  • @MollySm oh good! I wasnt sure if it was going to work on mobile.
  • exciting!!! does this mean it is our last week public? 
  • Off to get my computer. I get an error on mobile 😭
  • Now that I am trying to join on a computer it won't let me because it says my request was denied? Hoping it's a glitch because of the issues I had trying to join on mobile. (sorry @marebear15 I already messaged you as well, but I was anxious to find out!)
  • I asked to join the first week but so far haven’t heard anything. Just checking if I was supposed to have an invitation or something yet?
  • @dalexrn you were added 🙂
  • @MrsJessS you’re showing as a member - it might have been because you were sent an invitation rather than requesting yourself?
    @MsIan you were sent an invite too which hasnt been accepted yet 😊
  • @leprechaunlady thanks! Yeah @marebear15 messaged me back and got me all situated!
  • @leprechaunlady I'm actually trying to get in now and I have no idea how to access it. 
  • @mslan are you on the app or computer? If the app, scroll all the way to the bottom of the community tab and select groups. It should be there. 
  • My request finally went through I think but only under a ‘test’.  Please let me know how I can respond to the question correctly!
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    Baby #2: March 2018
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  • Welp I guess since I was denied into the other group,( which I get, I didn't participate much, mostly lurked,) but wanted to  say Best of Luck to you all in your Deliveries and enjoy  snuggling those babies!
  • Hi ladies! I believe I requested access via the app a day or two ago but I'm not sure if the request went through. I'll try via laptop to see if I can make heads or tails.
  • Looks like I was denied also. We are all in the home stretch! Wishing you all safe and healthy deliveries and continued blessings! 
  • I didn't participate much in the last few months since my life outside of pregnancy has been a bit crazy with our remodel.. wonder what the requirements are to get in the private group. Either way- it's been great talking symptoms and getting brilliant advice. Best wishes ladies!
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