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  • So I’m freaking out just a little because I had a mc in September when I was between 6-7 weeks, but when I had a scan it showed things stopped progressing at 4w5d. I’m just 5 weeks today, so too early to have many symptoms, but I’m getting really in my head about it and feeling stressed. 

    Question: it occurred to me that I could check my bbt to see if my temps are still up (I stopped a couple days after my BFP). But I also don’t want to misinterpret things and get even more freaked out, or if things are bad... I guess I can’t do much about it anyway... anyway, curious if any of you have done that for reassurance, if it’s a bad idea, what you’ve done to try to feel sane, etc. 

  • @Pascal86 I’m sorry you’re feeling anxious. PGAL brain is awful. I did the BBT thing for awhile after I found out I was pregnant this time but then I saw a dip one morning and promptly wigged out. Luckily, we got a good beta number back that day to provide reassurance and since then I’ve sworn off temping. 

    As you said, the information is so easy to misinterpret and can be impacted by so many variables. Maybe tomorrow your temp is up and you’re happy but then the next day it dips a bit and you’re back to anxiety. I totally understand just wanting some reassurance, especially after a loss, but temping wasn’t a great idea for me anxiety-wise. 

    Can you ask for a beta series for reassurance? When is your ultrasound scheduled? 
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  • @rachelredhead that’s helpful - I think I might stay away from temping, seems like it could only make me feel crazier, if that’s possible. 😂

    I had my hcg test this weekend and it was on track (except it was 666 which I thought was a little ominous 😬). My first ultrasound isn’t until 12/16. I’m actually supposed to do a dating scan bc of my recent loss, but I’ve been resisting bc I know exactly when I got pregnant, and it would cost me $300-$600. So I guess if I get super stressed I could either do another hcg or the dating scan they want me to do. 

    I was slightly reassured sure when I got suddenly very sick at the smell of my husband’s tuna sandwich earlier... so maybe I’ll just stick my nose in a can of tuna every day until I have more obvious symptoms to reassure myself. 😂🤷‍♀️

  • @Pascal86 sorry you’re feeling anxious. I’ve been the same way. Too funny about the tuna! The other day I was also freaking out because I didn’t have any sickness really at that point and then I suddenly got it this week and I wish it would go away but every time I feel a bit better I freak out again lol ugh PGAL brain! This first ultrasound can’t get here fast enough! 

  • My first Ob/Gyn appt was scheduled this Friday.  I called today trying to see if they had an opening earlier this week.  The receptionist informs me until my records get to them they are cancelling my appointment altogether.  Umm, when I scheduled nothing was said about that.  Called/e-mailed RE's office and they are getting records.  I was tearful at my desk as to why they could not communicate what they needed when I scheduled.

    Maybe that's a good sign I'm having pregnancy hormones.  Light symptoms keeps making my PGAL brain paranoid.
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