Pregnant after a Loss

Conceiving after ectopic

Found I had an ectopic pregnancy two days ago at 5 weeks and 4 days. Resulted in loss of Fallopian tube. Doctor assured me this would not impede my chances of a healthy pregnancy, but said I should wait a few menstrual cycles before trying again. Have any of you been able to conceive after an ectopic? How long did you wait? I appreciate and all feedback!

Re: Conceiving after ectopic

  • So my ectopic pregnancy was my fourth pregnancy and fourth loss. Both me and my cousin got successfully pregnant after our ectopics. For her it was her 7th pregnancy after six losses all before 6 weeks and for me it’s our fifth pregnancy that made it past 6 weeks. We heard the heartbeat after 8 weeks and it was amazing! We are 12 weeks and found out we’re having a little girl. My cousin is due with her girl in a few weeks! It can definitely happen!! Don’t give up hope 
    TTC History in Spolier:
    Me: 32, DH: 33
    Diagnosis: Me: Unexplained. Him: 1% morphology pre-washed.
    IUI  - CANCELLED Jan IUI - 100 mg Clomid Days 3-7. Cancelled after Estrace stunted follicle growth. BFN 
    IUI #1 - Feb/March, 2017 IUI - IUI+7 days Clomid+HCG trigger shot. March 1st IUI. 3/15 BFN
    IUI # 2 - August, 2017 IUI -  7 days Clomid + HCG trigger shot. IUI on August 12. 8/26 BFN 
    *TW* November 1st, BFP. Ended in MC @ 6 w 3 days. 11/20/17. **Natural Cycle with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs. 
    IUI #3 Feb 24 2018, IUI + 7 days Clomid + HCG Trigger Shot. Feb 24 IUI. 3/12 BFN
    *TW* 5/10/18 BFP/MC. Natural Cycle. 1st Beta 232, 2nd 850. No Fetal pole seen on U/S, 5/30/18. Medicated MC on 6/23. 
    IVF #1, Stims begin on August 17th. ER, 8/28/18. 32 Eggs Retrieved, 18 mature, 18 Fertilized. 12 Day 5. 6 Blasts Tested Normal with CCS. 
    FET 1, 11/6/19. 1 Embryo Transferred. NEG BETA 11/15
    FET 2, 1/29. 1 Embryo to Transfer. +HPT 2/5. Beta 2/7 = 137, 2nd HCG = 317. MC at 6w4d. No fetal pole seen on U/S

  • My sister successfully conceived after an ectopic that resulted in the loss of a tube. She was NOT trying to become pregnant, so IDK how long it would have taken her had she tried. It was about 18mos after the loss that she became pregnant again. But, she was told by her doctor that either ovary can release an egg and it'll have no problems finding it's way into her viable tube. We just have this idea in our heads that left egg goes into left tube and vice versa. 
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  • I had my 2nd ectopic pregnancy in November and that one resulted in the removal of my Fallopian tube. My doctor said to wait at least 1 cycle so we started trying again in January and I just tested positive at the end of March! Everyone is different though! It took me 10 months last year to conceive (the ectopic one). Just trust that it will happen! :) hope this helps!
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