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Starving 12 month old?!

Hi Everyone! 

My daughter just turned 12 months old. She averaged around 25oz of formula a day in addition to 3 meals a day of typically a jar of baby food plus a small amount of finger foods. She had a horrible gag reflex and finger foods were always a challenge, especially new ones, she’d always gag and throw up. 
The past few days it’s like a switch flipped! She is all of the sudden STARVING and wanting to eat, mostly formula, all day if I’d let her! It’s as if her gag reflex never existed and she is devouring finger foods at all meals in addition to some purée. So far today she’s had 19oz of formula (which includes 2 middle of the night feeds where she woke up HANGRY.) She’ll eat whenever I give her food and will throw a fit until we give her a bottle. 
What gives?! This has literally just been the past 2 or 3 days where my girl went from eating like a tiny bird her whole life to eating everything put in front of her and wanting more! Could this just be a growth spurt?! This seems super extreme to me?! She is cutting a tooth right now and just got over a horrid allergic reaction to amoxicillin about 5 days ago. 

Thanks for any and all advice!! Concerned over here!!

Re: Starving 12 month old?!

  • I heard theres a growth spurt at 12.5 months. My daughter who is off the charts for height and is such a huge thing (i'm 6ft myself) is SOO hungry for bottles at the moment too, we're doing 4 overnight, it's exhausting (300ml before bed alone!!!! = 10oz according to google) . Like everything, its just a phase, shell equalise soon. Just keep feeding her milk, shell guide you naturally as to what to do. 
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