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Product Spotlight Series: Blankets

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Re: Product Spotlight Series: Blankets

  • I am team no blankets. you will get 8000 blankets at ur baby shower anyway (most hand knitted).

    i swaddled with a velcro swaddle when DS was small and have yet to understand the point of a receiving blanket. 18 month old DS still sleeps in a zipadee zip sleep sack instead of with a blanket.

    you aren’t even spsd to use blankets to block out the sun from ur stroller bc baby can get overheated under the blanket sunshield. 

    So save ur money: no blankets until they are at least toddlers. 
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  • I recommend these blankets. They are so light and versatile. I didn’t really use any of the other blankets we were given but I used theses all the time and will be getting more. 

    Me: 33 | DH: 34
    Married: October, 19, 2015
    EDD 2/22/17 <3 DS1 born on 3/2/17
    EDD 3/8/20 <3 DS2 born on 3/10/20
    EDD 11/24/23
    (Formerly Marriedhamstermom Feb ‘17)

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  • I’m blanket-obsessed and I don’t even know why. I have some of ALL the kinds but my favorites are the stretchy cotton kind from copper pearl or Kate Quinn. They’re versatile and lightweight but still warm. And so dang soft. I also had a ton of Muslin blankets for DS because he was a July baby and those were great for summer. I have a woobie blanket that was gifted to me for DD and that thing is amazing for winter. It is fleece on one side and waterproof on the other, so it’s great for the stroller or even putting on the ground in the spring! 

    I think blankets are totally a personal preference though and maybe get one of each kind before deciding what you really want more of/if you even need more! 
  • Like @silverhope said, you will get blankets for your shower. Tons. But they do come in handy! Now that DD is in preschool we send a blanket each week for nap. I also keep one in each car to warm her up. So it’s not bad to have several.

    the only kind I would register for is Aden & Anaias muslin blankets. So soft and so versatile. I kept one in the diaper bag and would lay it out for baby to lay/roll/play on if we were out and about. 
  • We only used a couple of handmade blankets with my daughter and a set of Gymboree swaddles. Mostly for traveling and covering her up in the winter. Surprisingly, we didn’t really get any blankets, which I was ok with because we’re a Velcro swaddle/sleep sack family. 

    For this baby, I have a set of care bear swaddles I got from kangacare and I’ve been informed we’re getting at least one afghan from my sister. I’m planning on adding to our sleep sacks and Velcro swaddles though. 
  • My first baby was a Houdini and totally rejected the swaddle, tho we tried and tried. I’m honestly having a hard time remembering what we DID do in the beginning...? She slept on me a lot. Once she was old/big enough, we put her in a woolino 4-season sleep sack and still love that thing. 

    She did get a few blankets at my shower and they’re around. I registered for (and received) a special blanket from Hillery Sproatt (, which I snuggled her in and took the requisite monthly pics on for a while and now is “her” blanket in the royal sense. It’s beautiful and cozy and easy to wash. So I plan to buy one for this kiddo, too. This is what I have in mind: 

  • I feel the same as @silverhope: we were given a lot of blankets but I never really used them except once the baby was big enough to sit up in the stroller - then I used them as stroller blankets.

    I do like the Aiden and Anais swaddles for swaddling, mainly because they're so pretty. Though I found velcro swaddles could get a lot tighter, which my son liked better.

    Now my son is 2, he uses the blankets we were gifted for naps at preschool. So they did get used, just not much during the first year. I definitely would not buy myself any: people will undoubtedly gift you plenty. 
  • Hi all. Ok so I’m confused...I keep reading “blankets” and then I read “receiving blankets” and then I read blankets as swaddles. Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between them and what they are used for? I know what swaddling is...but I’m confused if these are interchangeable terms or if each has a different function?
  • @mrsc918 receiving blankets are usually too small to swaddle with. I honestly found them useless. 
    Me: 33 | DH: 34
    Married: October, 19, 2015
    EDD 2/22/17 <3 DS1 born on 3/2/17
    EDD 3/8/20 <3 DS2 born on 3/10/20
    EDD 11/24/23
    (Formerly Marriedhamstermom Feb ‘17)

  • @mrsc918 agreed with @varimama. Receiving blankets are mostly pointless. I think I used them as burp cloths (DD was a major spitter).
  • @mrsc918 Receiving blankets are usually that weird stiff fleece, like a hospital blanket. Swaddles are usually the muslin, which is stretchy and easier to swaddle with.

    Aden and Anais swaddles are beautiful but I actually liked the stretch and smaller size of the Summer Infant swaddle blankets best for newborns. Then for infants, the velcro swaddles are useful. And finally for bigger infants, the footed sleep sack.

    Fluffy blankets are more decorative or maybe for putting down on the floor, but then I prefer a play mat. 
  • I agree with everyone else in saying that the gift blankets we received were mainly used for spreading on the floor when baby is bigger or for DD to take to school. Also DD now uses them for her babies. 

    My favorite and the only ones we used were the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. DD loved the swaddle until about 3 months when she started to break out. We have about 10 from DD that are mostly gender neutral so we will reuse them for this baby. We never tried the velcro swaddler bc DH is a swaddle pro. 
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  • Echoing the general consensus - we preferred muslin swaddle blankets here as well.  If I remember correctly, the ones sold at Target (I think they are "Aden by Aden + Anais") are not quite as good quality as the true "Aden + Anais" - we have a mix of both and I slightly prefer the non-Target version.  Post-swaddle, we preferred the muslin or cotton sleep sacks.  I also have a few muslin "dream blankets" which are nice for laying on the ground for baby or using as a toddler blanket.  They are larger and have more layers of muslin.
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