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Breast Pumps

These aren't on the product spotlight list, but it might be helpful because there are so many out there!

Many choices are based on what your insurance covers, but you're also able to buy with FSA/HSA, and cold hard cash. You can even rent the hospital grade pumps.

STM+, what pumps have you used before and what were the pros/cons? Also how frequently did you need to pump? 

FTM, any pumps catch your eye or have you heard good or bad things about them?

Re: Breast Pumps

  • babybisonbabybison member
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    I'm selfishly starting this post because I just found out what my insurance covers and I can't decide! I'm leaning towards the motif Luna or spectra s1, which is the portable one I think? 

    First baby I upgraded through insurance to the Medela Freestyle, and it was amazingly light and portable. I could fit all the parts I needed in a tiny skip hop bottle bag. But I've read their newer model went downhill in the suction department, and it's not on any "best of" lists. 

    I'm an occasional pumper for the freezer stash, but DS was a good nurser. It also depends on the new kid and how well she nurses I guess?

    I'm also sort of in love with the wireless pumps! Elvie and Willow look so easy and hands free. But the Elvie is only $100 off through my insurance. I was looking at buybuybaby, and the 20% coupon doesn't have elvie as a restriction, so I might get the single pump version for less. 

    So yeah, I'm really wondering what people's thoughts are. Having had a portable pump, I'd love to not be tied down to an outlet.

    ETA: I use to get mine. You enter your ins info and they tell you which ones you can get, then ship it to you. It made the whole process so much easier to navigate. 
  • With my first I went with the Medela Pump In Style. It was fine, but my work provides a hospital grade Medela so I used that most often. With my second I didn't qualify for a bew pump so I used that medela again. I noticed lower output and was not thrilled with it.

    I qualify for a new pump this time aroundcand went with the Spectra S2. I work from home for the most part, and don't feel the need to be mobile. I'm excited because I've heard such great things but a little nervous about learning a new pump with all the settings. I did make sure I could find replacement parts at my local Target because I have forgotten a valve or had a membrane tear and needed to run out that day to replace it. I ordered the pump through aeroflow as well. They'll send it at the end of January per my insurance's regulations.

    I've always fed every 3 hours during the day, so I'd pump following that same schedule. I plan to do the same with this baby.

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  • I have had 2 Spectra S2s- My body and circumstances made pumping in general a short battle. But I gifted both to friends who do pump and still are, and they both loved them and felt they got better results with them than their Medelas they had.
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  • I’m debating even getting the free pump. I had such issues with milk production last time that I really didn’t use the two I had. I gave one to SIL when my niece was born. I don’t really have anyone to give a pump to now. So, I should qualify for a free one, but I hate to get it if I’m not going to use it. 


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  • @babybison Do you listen to the birth hour podcast? They are always talking about the Aeroflow breast pump website! I listen to the podcast and they were talking about the Luna, which has me intrigued, but it seems like a newer model, so there are less reviews on it when I look online. 
  • @babyrummom I don't! I came across it through Google. But it's nice to know people are talking about the Luna.
  • For my first two, I went with the Spectra S2 through my insurance. I recently donated my first one and still have my second one. Zero complaints, I loved it! Also, it’s compatible wide neck advent bottles. 

    Since I still have my previous Spectra, I went with the Freemie Independence so that I could have a more portable option. Although I could take the Spectra with me wherever I went (I found a car adapter as well) it isn’t compact. Hoping this will be a good option when trying to juggle three kids. 

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  • I EPed with both kids and I used the Medela In Style Advance with both.  From the time I started to pump until I was done weaning was almost a year for DD1, and about 10 months with DD2.  Since I pumped full time I put it through the ringer.  I have no complaints and will be getting another one for this LO.  With BabiesRUs gone it is slightly harder to find replacement parts but we have a BuyBuy Baby close enough for an emergency.   
  • Some replacement parts are covered by your insurance I think right? As part of ACA? Obviously that won't help in an emergency. 
  • @babyrummom that's funny, my husband works for aeroflow! I tell everyone to go through them for breast pumps because they make it so easy. still undecided which one I want to try though.
  • @phinzlabyrinth It sounds like a great company to go through, based on what I’ve heard on the podcast!
  • I got a motif Luna through insurance but I still want an Elvie as a portable one. I swear Elvie didn't used to be on the buybuybaby coupon exemption. I checked so many times! But now it is. And it's on all the target coupon exemptions. 😤
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