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When I was reading the "weekly questions thread" I couldn't help but notice a good deal of Ohioans! 
I was interested to know what parts of Ohio everyone was from? 

Even if you're not from Ohio I'm interested in all my birth month mommy's are from?! 

I from Columbus. I've also delivered all my babies at OSU. 

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  • Yesssss!! Born and raised in Ohio (both me and DH) went to OSU and did my podiatry school at what is now part of Kent State (then OSUCPM) and since DH and I are both active duty we are now in coastal GA, but moving back to Cbus in early 2021 when my contract is up!

    Westerville (me) Olentangy/ Delaware (DH)
  • That's awesome! When you come back you're going to notice a good deal of changes.
    Since I work for construction, it's amazing to see all the changes that are done. For example children's hospital pretty much is its own city 😮! Highway changes that are for the best! Plus many more to come. 
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  • We are in Canfield Ohio! 
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    @laahaa I've vaguely heard of Canfield. Now I'm going to have to look that up. Thank you for representing! 
  • @k_shaunte I’m about right between Cleveland and Pittsburgh! It’s a
     small town outside of Youngstown. The Canfield fair is pretty well known. 😂
  • Me! I live in Sunbury, a small town just north of Columbus. I work in Westerville and husband in New Albany!

    I created a Facebook group and would love Ohio girls to join! It's a July due date group. Here is the link:


  • @laahaa aww snaps! Might have to check out that fair!😂
  • @asteele-2 cool! Thank you! Now I'll have to check it out!
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