How to Baby Proof Floor Seams in Doorways — The Bump
April 2019 Moms

How to Baby Proof Floor Seams in Doorways

We're working on baby proofing our house for our 7 month old and as I walked from room to room, I accidentally stepped on the floor seam in the doorway in just the right way that it really hurt. I've done this before in life, I'm sure most people have. However, it had me thinking - what if our little one got her hands or knees in just the right spot as she crawls around and it hurts this much?! Does anyone know of something that can be done or put there to prevent this from happening? I'm specifically talking about the seam where the two different floorings from two different rooms meet. Most rooms have the typical metal piece that connects the two floorings and one of the bathrooms doesn't have that but the tile in the bathroom is slightly taller than the wood floor in the hallway I know this is such an odd question so I don't know if something exists or if I'm overthinking things but figured I'd throw it out there to see if anyone has done something about this. Thanks!
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