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Product Spotlight Series: Toys!

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The Product Spotlight Series continues! Remember, the community is welcome to comment on threads like these throughout your time here, not just when it's their week in the spotlight. Big thanks to everyone who participates!

For this week, we're talking... toys! See the prompts below for an organized way to discuss, and as always links/pics (in spoilers) are appreciated.

What kind of toys do you have/are you leaning towards for your LO?
What's your favorite toy and why?
Any particular brand/s you like?
Any organization/storage method you use that you will use again or a new one you'll be trying out?

What toys are you interested in & why?
What questions do you have towards STMs?
Any organization/storage method you have in mind?

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Re: Product Spotlight Series: Toys!

  • I have a question for the STMs! I feel like toys are something that people will buy your baby/kid forever, and no matter what you do or don't put on a registry/wishlist--so my question is what and how many to put on a registry? I know this will vary from mom to mom, but I am interested in your recent experiences!
  • I had almost no toys with DD when she was a tiny babe because we lived in Seattle and spent more time outside and doing things than in the house. Plus I felt like so many were “gimmicky” and the ones that make sounds are annoying as hell. I have a lot more with DS, but he’d rather play with the boxes they came in. There are two that I feel we’re pretty worthwhile: a learning cube (each side has activities and buttons and stuff. He’s two and still loves it), and one of those little animals that helps them walk assisted. He loved pushing that around the house. 

    We have a boatload of little figurines and stuff but he isn’t always interested in them. He does love cars though, so you can find matchbox cars in basically every corner of my house. Lol. 

    I’d say hold off on most toys until you see what they actually enjoy. It’s realllllly easy for your house to explode with toys and suddenly you don’t have enough space for them all. 
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  • Agree with everything @miss.sally said. Very few toys early on and then wait and see what they actually like. One of those tummy time mats with mirrors, colors, and textures on the mat and on the bar that goes overhead is useful, especially if it rolls up for storage. Maybe a little something that hooks on the car seat too. 

    People love buying toys for kids, especially the most obnoxiously colorful, loud, giant ones they can find. Make peace now with returning or donating what doesn’t fit your home’s footprint or your kid’s interest. Or if you’re lucky enough to have storage like a basement, plan for a toy rotation to avoid clutter and kids getting bored with the toys. 
  • People will buy you so many toys!

    i will say I really liked soft/cloth books for little babies who put everything in their mouths! Also a playmat/activity “gym” was good for tummy time, but probably not absolutely necessary. A few teethers are good to grab, and around 6 months I started using bath toys. 
  • @kagesstarshroom Like the STMs note above, young babies don’t really need toys, but I registered for a few things that seemed like they’d have flexible use over a long period.  

    (1) the lovevery play gym is nice, attractive, and adaptable to the different developmental stages (pricier than other options at $140):

    (I’m also using their subscription service since my toddler turned 1)

    (2) A couple of wooden toys, like a rattle, teethers, and sensory blocks (see through with beads inside).

    I keep toys pretty minimal, but during the first year my kid also got a lot of use out of a wooden tot-sized xylophone, plan toys ring stacker, and this ball with little nubs all over it (Edushape Senso-Dot Ball, 7",...
  • Echoing everything everyone else said: little babies don't really need toys, and you will get given loads, so don't register or buy stuff really.

    The only things my little guy played with as a small baby were his Sophie giraffe, and sensory things that are extremely cheap or easy to make out of household items: crinkly paper fabric, and black and white fabric squares (he was obsessed with those).

    As he got older he loved things with wheels and moving parts.

    I have really liked his toys from Hape, because they're very tactile-staisfying with the heaviness of the wood. And a couple of those he played with A LOT from 5 months or so. 
  • Newborns don’t really play with toys. These were some of the first toys DS actually really liked (probably ~2-4 months) they were easy for him to grab and he could chew most them too:

    That Sofie giraffe... we got it as a gift and he loved it! Just don’t take it in the bath and replace between kids and mold shouldn’t be an issue. 

    Oball shakers. The little holes make them perfect for their fingers to grasp and he could hold that rattle before any of his other rattles. 

    Our turtle play mat. It was great for tummy time Or laying on his back at the toys overhead. and then turns into a ball pit when he got older! He still at 2.5 likes to play with the ball pit sometimes. And its only got like 30 balls vs the 200 packs amazon sells so it’s way easier to pick up. 

    Beatbo he was just about the only thing that made DS not cry during tummy time once he decided tummy time was torture. The bright lights and songs amused him enough to get like 30-60s in. (Don’t worry if your kid hates tummy time, they will still learn to roll and sit up and all that good stuff!) 
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  • Haven’t commented on the board in so long but wanted to chime in. I am obsessed with the Lovevery play gym and their toy subscriptions.  Everything is so well made, looks nice, is developmentally appropriate, and nothing is loud/flashy/requiring batteries.  Another nice feature is the play mat comes with a booklet that explains how to play with your baby and support their development at different stages which is especially helpful for first time parents. 

    A bit off topic, but there is a blog I follow that is written by a mom who is also a pediatric OT.  She has great info on choosing toys and baby gear, and how to play with your baby, support tummy time etc.  She is coincidentally also a huge fan of the Lovevery play gym. 

  • @uno_mas I’m definitely interested in the lovevery playmat and the subscription for each developmental stage! I’m glad to hear you like it, I’m hoping they come up with a Canadian version of the website
  • @dunder_mifflin I actually just scored a gently used play mat on OfferUp. So freakin excited. 
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