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Re: FFFC 11/8

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  • miss.sallymiss.sally member
    edited November 2019
    I took off my heart monitor today. I still have a week and a half to go but I need a few hour break. Maybe even the rest of the day. 

    I guess my skin is allergic to the electrodes so I have open sores and weird scabs forming where they’re all attached to me. It’s horrible and painful and disgusting looking. I asked if I could stop the monitoring early and they said no. She did say the company might have hypoallergenic electrodes but it’ll take a day or two to get here. Ugh. This whole process has been a nightmare and I wish I’d never gone in. I highly doubt anything is actually wrong which is why I’m feeling so dang annoyed. 

    Edited because autocorrect. 
  • @stassischroeder that sounds like me 50% of the time  :D even when I worked ha. 

    @miss.sally I’m so sorry. That is awful. I’m glad you took them off. 

    @EmilyLove25 they raised the price of our mall Santa by 50% :angry: But since I only have one kid, his outfit is pretty cheap. And DH and I will probably just wear clothes we already own. Although...I dunno if I have holiday colored maternity tops. 
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  • another another confession: I’m going to have a tiny glass (like 3-4 sips) of wine tonight.
  • @EmilyLove25 you have to book a mall Santa photo in advance? We usually go to a greenhouse and have to wait in a ridiculous line (like 2hrs) but the setup and Santa are so cute! There are some real ugly looking Santa’s out there and I don’t want to risk it so we shall wait in a long line 🤣

    @stassischroeder I wear makeup infrequently so I usually rewear it the next day 

    mine is kind of more of an UO, I prefer the taste of diet sodas so that is what I drink. A lot of them don’t use aspartame anymore but I’m not stupid I’m sure whatever they use is equally as bad for you. 
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  • @silverhope I have already picked out the bottle we’re opening the first night I’m home from the hospital. 😂 Also, I remember the first few times drinking after having DD and I would get tipsy from like 1/3 a glass. 😂
  • @AAAG13 I am usually only up once per night for the bathroom. And thankfully my DD sleeps through the night!

    ever since going on standard time, I’m sleepy at like 8:00. But I still stay in bed until my alarm goes off at 5:45. 😂
  • @AAAG13 lol that’s so cute! I know it’s annoyingly for you haha but it’s adorable
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