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Working 12 Hr shifts when expecting🙄😪

Its my first pregnancy. I am 26 weeks as of yeaterday. Do any other Mommas to be feel like working 12 hrs at a hospital in behavior health is to much for a momma!? I hate it. Thinking about going to 8 hr shifts. I just feel like i need other input or at least curious to see what others think?

Re: Working 12 Hr shifts when expecting🙄😪

  • I worked 10+ hour days pregnant up until 38 weeks. 

    Honestly,  it depends how you feel.  If you are working 3 - 12 hour shifts and have 4 days off (at least what a nurse friend of mine has - you are not clear on how many 12 hour days you have a week) I would prefer to have the extra days off.  If you go to 8 hour shifts and working full time - you will ne going at least 5 days a week.  

    [Deleted User]
  • My last pregnancy I worked 50 hours a week up until 40 weeks, but it was mostly a desk job so it wasn’t exhausting.

    Now I’m also 26 weeks and I work in a birthing center, usually three 12-hour shifts (but I’m on bedrest now due to partial placental abruption). My main problem was my sciatica. By the end of a 12-hour shift I could barely walk. I tried requesting my schedule so I could do a 12 and three 8-hour shifts.

    So it depends how you feel. Talk to your provider and your manager.
    harpseal135[Deleted User]
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  • If it is too hard, and reasonable to change, I probably would.  I work part time due to an autoimmune disease I have, I can’t handle 40 hour weeks not pregnant.   I had to work 12 hours Monday, and I am still not over it.
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