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Intro - Wanting to jump to IVF asap

Hi Everyone, 

I am 31 and my DH is 34, we have been TTC since July 2017.
In May 2018, I was diagnosed with PCOS because of high testosterone levels and an irregular cycle (35 - 42 days).
After a couple more months of testing, I finally started taking Letrozole in September. 
January started our three month cycle of failed IUIs.  They were miserable.  I am now knows as "that IUI" in the clinic.  In May, we had our IVF consultation, but I have had a very hard time accepting that this isn't going to happen without it.  Instead of moving to IVF, the summer consisted of timed intercourse and trigger shots.
Now, we are finally ready.  I should be going in for my baseline around the 25th, but we didn't abstain during my expected "fertile week". 

I am looking into WIN Fertility and ARC plans.  Does anyone have experience with any of them? 
Also, I an in NE Ohio if anyone knows of any pharmacies that are easy to work with. 

Thoughts to all! <3

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