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Second Child and it SHOWS

i know this is normal and everyone told me “every pregnancy is different” and that you “show earlier with the second” and I’m only 9 weeks but THEY WERE RIGHT. I must be vain because I want to cry at how quickly I look so different. Giant boobs and giant belly - please tell me it will get nice and firm looking! I’m typically very fit, used to running and working out and have been SO tired and nauseous after work I can barely stand up let alone exercise. This pregnancy is polar opposite of my first. I worked out every other day for 9 months doing intense HiiT workouts even on the day I delivered! Ate strictly organic and enjoyed my slowly increasing  body changes. This one? I’m eating Mac and cheese, chocolate milk and meatloaf and falling asleep for a few hours before my real bedtime and crying in the car because my pants are so tight. 😭😭 anyone else?! Do i just break down and wear the maternity leggings!? I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed of how big I am so early - but I am! 

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  • Hello and welcome to our board! I encourage you to read the post pinned at the top that explains the general organization of this board!

    For instance, we have a symptoms thread where expecting moms are sharing their current symptoms and how their bodies are reacting to their pregnancies.  We also have a second time moms (STM+) thread that discusses things such as showing earlier with the second, etc.  Those would be great places to chime in regarding your thoughts on this since those discussions are already happening. Hope to see you around more!
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  • I am due 6/15 with my second.  However, my 1st was born almost 16 years ago!! I am already showing...bigger than I remember with my first.  I didn't look pregnant with him until 5 months, so this time is a little different! My boobs are huge and I've said bye-bye to most of my regular clothes! I haven't gained much weight, but my belly is growing.
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  • I've shown earlier and earlier with each pregnancy. You're body just knows what to do now and it does it faster. Be kind to yourself. Your tummy will get firm before too long. It's much harder to be pregnant with a little one at home, like exponentially harder. Cut yourself some slack <3

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