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Genetic Bloodwork Profile-Panorama

Is anyone "older " (I am 39, due 6/15/20) having the genetic bloodwork done( Panorama)?  If so when? I am scheduled for 12 weeks, Nov.26th and then go in for my 2nd ultrasound and the results of the labs. Are you nervous about this test? For me, I can't stop worrying about it!! How old are some of you June 2020 mommies to be?

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  • @ambosb if you scroll down, there’s a thread called “AMA Mamas Over Here!”  (AMA=advanced maternal age)...a lot of mamas have replied and I bet you could ask this in that thread.
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  • I just had the Panorama test done on the 12th and am impatiently awaiting the results.  I will be 35 when I deliver and had a missed mc 4 years ago, so my doc highly suggested it. I was incredibly nervous to have it done after I saw the phlebotomist bust out 11 vials to draw. It was quick and virtually painless, thank goodness. 
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