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Sleep training

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What are your thoughts on sleep training a 2 month old? I try one nap a day in his crib. He has a hard time falling asleep and is generally very overtired :( He can tolerate laying in the crib or wherever I may have him trying to nap at the time, but will cry after a little time. Is cry it out too early to practice? I am trying to get him ready for when I go back to work and he is at his in home care location. She will not be carrying him the entire time he is napping and I want to get him ready for being able to sleep in his crib at this time. Is 2 months too young ? Any suggestions to make it easier on both him and I? Any ideas of alternative ways to get my infant to sleep during the day when he is over tired? Thanks!!!!!!

Re: Sleep training

  • Yes, 2 months is too young. Babies this young need to be helped to sleep and can’t self-soothe. I’m super pro-sleep training, just not this young. Do you have a swing or something that has motion that he can nap in? Are you swaddling for naps? It’s a little much to lay an awake 2 month old in a crib and expect them to nap. Don’t worry, this isn’t forever. Day care will help him learn to nap (it will likely be rough at first, totally normal), and you can do sleep training starting around 4 months. Hang in there. 
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