Babies: 3 - 6 Months


My LO will only take no longer than 15 minute naps during the day! She'll stay up an hour, sleep for 15 minutes and then stay up again. It goes on like that till about 7-7:30pm then she'll go to bed and sleep till 12-1:00am. Any tips on how to fix her nap schedule? 

Re: Naps

  • My LO takes short 20 min naps as well, and only a couple a day. I find he will stay asleep longer if he is being held for the nap or is in his swing. 
  • My son's 4 months old and we have this bouncer that plays music and vibrates and he'll nap for up to 3 hours in it! (I bounce it with my foot to get him to fall asleep initially). I also make sure it's dark which helps and turn on the light when it's time for him to wake up☺️
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