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  • This is kind of Halloween related, but also parenting related I suppose. So, it's crappy weather today and people in my town are up in arms about trick or treating not being moved to Saturday, when it will be nice out. Well, when I was younger, if it was raining on Halloween, we just put rain jackets on or used umbrellas. I don't really understand the need to coddle children these days.
  • @literatureandink I do agree, unless it’s a big storm. But, I also think they should just make the last Friday or Saturday in October Halloween so kids don’t go to school the next day. I feel that way more for the teachers and the parents than the kids, though. 


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  • @literatureandink There's a big fight going on about this in my local moms/dads Facebook group. They definitely rescheduled Halloween when I was a kid. Not at the drop of a hat, but if it's not going to be safe or if kids might get sick from going out, I don't see why not. My town this year is not rescheduling and there's a lot of "our kids are tough, you're a wimp if you want to reschedule" talk going on. I actually really don't like that FB group.

    That said, it's warm here today and I'm not against going unless it's super windy. My son was staying at my mom's house last night and threw up overnight, though, so if he's still under the weather, we'll skip it. I'll feel so bad, though, since he's been looking forward to it so much!
  • I'm in the NE and its raining now but its supposed to rain harder and we're supposed to have wind gusts of 50 mphs so we decided not to bring the kids out tonight.  We're going to buy some super cheap marked down candy tomorrow and have a little Halloween party at home with my ILs.  But I agree that if it was just some rain showers we would still go.  I also agree that Halloween should be a designated Saturday night.  
  • When we lived in PA as adults, all the towns had scheduled Halloween, and for a different day. So you got to go to multiple trick or treating!
  • We live in Western Canada where for 9/10 Halloween's there is snow on the ground (there is this year). I buy DD's costume knowing she will need a winter jacket/snowsuit. With that said, if there was a snowstorm or more severe weather I wouldn't take her out. But today will be 36F/2C which is a "warmer" year for us.

    @babybison growing up my area also scheduled different towns on different nights, so we would go trick or treating on multiple nights. Like our town one night, my grandparents the next. It was fun! Here it is just the 31st.
  • I totally think a dedicated Saturday, like last Saturday of the month, is appropriate. If it falls ON Halloween, cool, if not, cool. But if it rains on that day, no need to reschedule, in my opinion. Then again, I'm not a mom yet, so I could change my mind. lol
  • @literatureandink our city does Halloween on a Sunday in the afternoon and it's just not the same. I think it's fine to move Halloween, but it should at least be in the evening when its dark!
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  • Our halloween kept trick or treating last night- despite the 4" of snow. But as long as weather isn't dangerous, I'm good with it. I do think a Friday would be nice- then they can do school stuff, come home, trick or treat and not worry about school in the am.
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  • Here's my UO for Halloween - It's just the worst holiday and I have never enjoyed any part of it.  

    I think he's hoping I'll change my tune when we have a kid. 
  • Turns out our weather was totally fine last night, so for the best that they didn't reschedule. Warm and only very slightly misty.

    @danibean19 I'm also not at all a Halloween fan. Never liked dressing up or decorating or anything. It is a little more fun now that my son is getting old enough to participate. I still wouldn't dress up, but I enjoyed it more. We even decorated with fake spiderwebs on our front steps because he was excited about them. :)
  • I think it’s fun to decorate a bit. I mostly decorate for fall and add a few Halloween things in. I think I’ll do a little more Halloween when the kid(s) are older. I’ve never really been into dressing up, though. A couple of years I did and had some pretty stellar costumes but in general it’s a pain and too expensive. Just let me be in jammies watching scary movies and eating candy.
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