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So today I turned 14 weeks, woo hoo for second trimester!! Last night around 2am I was super sick, throwing up a handful of times, finally able to go back to sleep. This morning I felt better but still had a sour belly and no appetite, so I sipped on some ginger ale and drank 2 bottles of water. So I went with my MIL to visit a family friend at the hospital. There was one seat in the room and another friend was sitting. I started to feel weird and leaned against the wall. Next thing I know my vision blurred and before I could say anything I went blind and passed out and I’m on the floor waking up to my MIL yelling my name and two nurses over me (good thing this happened at the hospital.) They took my BP and it was normal and my oxygen was good, just high heart rate obviously bc I was confused and freaked out. They told me to call my OBGYN and I went home and napped and ate a bit. I’m assuming this happened bc one I was sick all night and lost a bunch of nutrients and two because I hadn’t eaten yet. Doc couldn’t get me in until tomorrow but luckily we had an ultrasound scheduled at a 3D place to find out the gender and our little BOY was perfectly fine. Today was scary!! Anyone else ever pass out while pregnant?!

Re: Fainting

  • That's so scary! Glad you and your little boyyo are okay.

    I haven't fainted, but I've gotten light-headed a few times and grabbed some diluted juice quickly to help it subside long enough to get proper snacks. I also have it when my tummy is too cranky for food just yet but I know I need something. I used to have fainting spells from anemia and same thing where juice would help get me functional enough to do more. Also, as soon as I feel light headed, even if it's awkward, I either crouch down or sit with my head between my knees to keep from fully passing out.
  • Sorry you were so sick last night!

    I haven’t fainted, but I’ve been lightheaded when my blood sugar dips, etc. and I too crouch or sit pretty much immediately. My mom told me she passed out twice when pregnant with me (once in the middle of a grocery store), so she cautioned me to take it seriously when I get those feelings. 
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