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High betas-down syndrome?

Can high betas sometimes point to down syndrome? I have read its possible. We used a donor and of 20 eggs retrieved, only 5 made embryos and of those 5 only 1 tested PGS normal which we recently used. I have read PGS can miss down syndrome though.

 now my first beta, 10 days post Frozen embryo transfer, was at 617. Second one 48 hours later was 1360. In the back of my mind I am slightly concerned about Down syndrome since I have read that can cause very high betas and because 19 of 20 eggs were already not good.

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  • I have never heard this. Betas vary wildly in early pregnancy. From a brief search, it seems you might be thinking of AFP. I do see that a higher hCG in a CVS later in pregnancy may show a link in increase in some trisomies.... but nothing on high betas in early pregnancy. 

    Here is something from Standford Childrens. Keep in mind that AFP is tested after 15 weeks... so after you have an NIPT or NT screen: 
    Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)
    This blood test measures the levels of a protein called AFP (alpha-fetoprotein). This protein is released by the baby’s liver and is found in the mother's blood. AFP is sometimes called maternal serum AFP (MSAFP). AFP screening may be one part of a 2-, 3-, or 4-part screening. It's often called a multiple marker screen. The other parts are:
    • Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This is a hormone released by some cells in the placenta. High hCG levels may mean that the baby has Down syndrome. This condition is a chromosome problem. It causes learning problems and some physical changes


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  • I thought you were going to have crazy high numbers. Those are higher but not shocking. I also haven't heard of high HCG indicating Down Syndrome. PGS really has a pretty high accuracy rate.

    I know that this time is really hard. And that, especially after going through a journey like yours to get to this point, it's hard to just trust that things might actually work out and be okay. But step away from the Google. Dr. Google is no good for you. If it's something you really cannot get out of your mind, just send a note to the RE's office and ask them for some reassurance. 
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  • Those are well within the normal range for your fetal age. Like PP posted, high HCG is related to the quad screen and done in the second trimester. An elevated number then is related to T21. Please don’t worry about it now. 

    Best of luck to you!
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