HDBD 10/30 — The Bump
April 2020 Moms

HDBD 10/30

Show off those bumps! I believe everyone has grown out and above their pelvic area now, and some of those uteruses are even up by your belly button! 

Re: HDBD 10/30

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  • jenabaryjenabary member
    edited October 2019
    I’ll play this week! 17w1d. Not showing much (though a little more in my sweats than my slacks!), but this morning I noticed a clear bump before I got out of bed!

    Edited to fix the spoilers - somehow I failed the first time! 😊
  • Waaaaaayyyyy bigger this time around with B2 (we've nicknamed him/her Poopsie, since #2 🤣). 
    Please excuse our dirty mirror...

  • Late to the party, 16+2 TTM!

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