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Repeat C-Sections

Anyone having a repeat c-section?  I’m having my 4th!  When people ask when you’re due do you adjust one week earlier since it will be scheduled at 39 weeks?

Re: Repeat C-Sections

  • @masters1010 I will likely be having a RCS, I am waiting to see my OB to confirm. I had an emergency CS with DD and a VBAC with DS, but I would much prefer a CS this go around for a number of different reasons. I just tell people early April rather than a specific date. My EDD is 4/14, I would imaging my CS would be around the 7th/8th if I make it to 39w. I had DD at 36w and I am high risk for preterm labor (I have a bicornuate uterus).
  • I'm a repeat- my 3rd. I don't adjust date until I have my planned date. Need to have a real chat with my Dr when we get close, bc I know I am going to have some anxiety- since we went into our planned C section for my last one expecting everything to be fine, and then he was not ok. So... I am going to need to ask her about some extra stuff. Like a different person for the blocker bc the last guy was terrible and I got super sick which the anesthesiologist wouldn't up the meds til I was getting sick so I need that to be better, and I every time I get exhausted after and am like dead to the world for a good 3hrs, which I hate. Like hi- new baby who I need to snuggle, why am I crashing so hard? 
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