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Weekly Randoms 10/28

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Re: Weekly Randoms 10/28

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday! I’m throwing a Halloween party this weekend and I’m excited to finally host a party that isn’t a birthday. 

    I vote we have a Halloween costume thread after Halloween 👻 
  • Ok, so one of my best friends has me confused. I was a bridesmaid in her 1st wedding and she's getting married again next September. She's sending me rehearsal dinner itineraries and is talking about about how we'll get our hair done in the venue's salon the morning of the wedding. She never asked me to be a bridesmaid, but the things she's sending me make it seem like I'm one.
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  • @Kathryn0903 Oh boy, that is crazy. It’s so awkward to have to ask if you’re a bridesmaid. There should definitely be a formal asking and agreement before the bride just assumes you’ll be her bridesmaid. But yeah, I don’t think she would be inviting you to get your hair done or go to the rehearsal unless you’re in the wedding party. Maybe you can ask her about dress shopping and see if she gives you a clear answer about bridesmaid dresses or something.
  • @emsned yeah it sure sounds like I'm in the wedding party. DH said I should ask who her bridesmaids are. I'm thinking she forgot to ask. I would have definitely said yes, but it's so weird that I was never asked. 
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  • @Kathryn0903 My best friend totally accused me of doing this to her. I swear I asked her, but she didn’t remember. Her wedding was 6 months before mine, so I think it got mixed up with other conversations about the two weddings. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • @Kathryn0903 I had a similar situation recently. One of my best friends is getting married in March and was talking like I was part of the wedding. So I just asked who was in their wedding party and she said "Oh, we're not having one. I just want my close friends with me on the day of, but I don't want them to have any obligations". All of which work for me!
  • @Kathryn0903. Haha what an awkward limbo!  Luckily it's not too late to clear it up. 
    I was never formally introduced to DH's cousin-in-law, but we saw each other at family functions and then it was too weird for me to be like, "Hey I'm so and so, which you already know." I just ignored him and felt awkward. Now they're getting divorced so problem solved!

    My random: I'm eating baked lays, and they're a squished hexagon shape, instead of round. Very distint sides. But potatoes aren't hexagonal? 🤔
  • My random: I'm completely obsessed with muslin swaddle blankets. I don't know why, but they're the one baby accessory I could just keep buying forever. There's no reason we can't reuse the ones we had for our son, but I'm dying to buy a whole new set.
  • Two good days of potty training, but wishing I had done this when I wasn't pregnant. Really wanting a glass of wine after dealing with pee/poop every 30 minutes or so.
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  • @Kathryn0903 Potty training is the worst. It’s so incredibly worth it once it’s over and your kid can be trusted even in public. But that first month really tested my sanity 
  • @Kathryn0903 we're hoping Kenzie is trained by the time the new babe arrives, but our ped was big on not doing the three day thing. She told us kids will be ready when they are ready- and Kenzie does ask to go, so I think I'm giving it another month before we go all in if she hasn't started more.
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    8/17: Our daughter was born
    8/18: Our daughter kicked open heart surgery ass
    2/19: We lost our son to Prader-Willi/Paradoxical Vocal Cord/ Noonans at 6wks old 
    4/26/2020: EDD for baby #3!!!
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