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Testing dark, then light then dark again.

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Hello girls! I feel like I am going a bit loopy! I had positive pregnancy tests, even digital then I tested a few days later and they were faint now a few days after I've tested again and they are dark again. Has anyone ever had this and had a healthy full term pregnancy?

Re: Testing dark, then light then dark again.

  • They are most likely changing darkness based on how concentrated your urine is at the time of testing. 

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  • @jobanana3130 With DD I tested once and only once but I did have a similar experience with this pregnancy (currently 11-weeks). 

    I tested (after days of as dark as the control line tests) with first morning urine at 17dpo. The test line was lighter than the control. It freaked me out.
    I decided to test again when I got home from work with light (I'd been drinking a lot of water) urine. This time the test line was as dark as the control. A few days later it was darker.

    There are a few reasons the lighter line can happen. Depending how far along you are it could be the hook effect. Meaning the test can't handle the level of HCG in your system so its lighter. I think that's what happened with me and that's why more diluted urine gave the darker line. It was a FRER.

    It could also be that your tests have different amounts of dye in them. It can vary from batch to batch and brand. Giving the different results. 

    How far along are you? 

    Also know that those tests are only designed to test if HCG is there. Not the amount. My advice would be to stop testing. You'll drive yourself crazy. It was after my lighter line that I convinced myself to stop.
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  • So I am about 6 weeks pregnant. I went to my doctors office last week and theirs was light as well. But then I tested last night and the line was darker than the control. Getting bloodwork done this week. Hopefully it’s a viable pregnancy!! 
  • I think it was test irregularities or the hook effect. FX your blood work is good.
  • I had a MC in April that I did not see coming, and I only tested once that pregnancy. This time around, I tested every day for about 2 weeks. It made me crazy, so I stopped. Mine varied based on time of day, testing strip variables, etc. stop testing! You’ll make yourself crazy! Btw, I’m 16w2d with a very healthy pregnancy. Don’t worry until your body tells you to. 
  • I really do not get all this multiple testing! You test once, you get a positive, congrats.  I can see maybe  testing again to believe what you saw with a digital pregnant/bot pregnant stick.  Why is everyone so obsessed with pee sticks? A positive is a positive despite the darkness of s Kobe (as a PP stated reasons why it could be).  

    I know I got a positive. Called the doctor office to tell them the next day.  They had me come in for a nurse visit.  They did not even do a pregnancy test there.  I asked why not, they told me we believe you when you say you have a positive, you will be scheduled for bloodwork after the appointment.  
  • @harpseal135 Haha! I wish my OB just took my word for it. I could have even shown them the pics of my positives. Instead my insurance only covered half of the test. Which the doctor's office charged $20 for (not a lot but they literally cover every other thing with my pregnancy). I mean, if I'm lying you'll figure it out quickly.  
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    kiki75 said:
    @harpseal135 For me it is a combination of previous loss and infertility. 
    I'm very  sorry for your previous loss.   Continuous testing though isn't going to change out comes.  I was never supposed to have kids, stage 4 endometriosis where my ovaries were actually glued together, multiple endometriosis on my ovaries, 5 surgeries prior to the miracle pregnancy.  After trying, one positive was enough, with the blood work at the Dr. office.  Each to their own, I just dont see the need, just adds added stress - as you are expressing here on your post. 
  • I'm with @kiki75 - When I went through IVF I tested 2X a day for like, 10 days or until the test line was darker than the control. It just made me feel better and gave me reassurance that all was well. For some, testing brings comfort and answers (whether negative or positive). I, personally, don't understand women who undergo IVF and wait for beta but I fully support their choice if it makes them feel better.
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