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Fit Friday 10/25

What's everyone been up to this week?

Re: Fit Friday 10/25

  • As usual, I've been up to exactly nothing all week, although yesterday was gorgeous and I did get a long walk in downtown. I'm determined to do a real workout this weekend.
  • I ran a 10k on Sunday! I felt surprisingly really good and actually ran a good time! I was 13th overall female! Baby boy has now been with me for two 5ks and two 10ks! 
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  • @babyrummom That's amazing, great job! I did a couple of 5ks during my last pregnancy, but haven't been running lately. One of my coworkers is training for a marathon and he's making me really miss it. One of my big goals once this baby's here and we're a little more settled is to get back to it.
  • @aresee that’s awesome! I have enjoyed the pregnant races because I don’t put any pressure on myself to run fast and I actually end up still doing pretty well compared to my normal time! This was probably my last one until baby comes though, as there aren’t many winter races around here! 
  • My sister-in-law who recently had a baby let me borrow her belly support for running. I’m hoping it helps with not feeling like I have to pee when immediately starting to run and to support my belly as it grows. I tried it out today for a 3 mile treadmill run and it worked out okay. Have any of you tried one of these?
  • @babyrummom I didn't use one of those with my last pregnancy, but it does look like it would help, especially as you get bigger. I would wonder a little about how hot it would be, but at least we won't be pregnant in the summer this time.
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