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AF issues after Provera

Happy Friday!
 I was just wondering if anyone has had any issues with AF after taking provera? I'm supposed to be awaiting AF to do a baseline, but I've been spotting for several days already, and my RE is having me come in for u/s and labs anyway on Monday, just in case this is what my period is looking like this month (maybe I just didn't have enough lining?) and we don't miss this "cycle". I guess I'm also nervous because this hasn't happened before to me on provera and idk what this means. Any experience shared or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 
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Re: AF issues after Provera

  • This happens to me if i dont take them at the exact same time for the 7 days. Like if one day i take it at 9am and the next 2pm and so on...
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