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Heat and headaches

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Hi everyone,
17 weeks.
I have been having issue with heat in close proximity to me and horrible headaches. What I mean by this is when I am in a room or space with heat coming directly near me I get a horrible headache. For example, I work from home and where I live it is currently 45 degrees outside so I use a space heater in my home office to stay warm without turning up the furnace. I noticed this has been giving me bad headaches and they go away once I am out of the room with the heater for 20 minutes or so. I have also noticed I get headaches when the heat is on in the car, again a closed space with heat blowing right near me. It has even occurred when I am sitting too close to a heat vent in a room. I do not have my space heater running today and I am FREEZING but no headache. I am drinking enough water so that is not the issue.  Has anyone experienced something similar? How did you deal with it? We are coming up on winter and I cannot go without heat in my home and car. 

Re: Heat and headaches

  • Pregnancy is weird. With my first pregnancy when I got over the first tri morning sickness the headaches started. It was summer though. I too was drinking enough water. I'm not 100% sure but I think my OB had me add a magnesium supplement and drink even more water (which was hard because I already was). Check with your doctor about the supplement though because I can't be sure if I'm remembering that right. It helped and I didn't have to take it the whole time. I guess bundle up more and try to keep direct heat off of you too. Hope you find some relief. 
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