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TW Tuesday 10/22

Who is making the list today? 

Re: TW Tuesday 10/22

  • I need to vent so here it goes. Stupid piece of crap technology ruined my morning. Some administrative change in my course caused my entire class website to disappear for both me and my students. So I'm getting 176 emails asking why they got dropped from the course, meanwhile, I'm trying to find a way to get a classlist with emails to tell them I know about the problem and am going to fix it. Then I find out that the fix takes 24 hours so....we are SOL. What a piece of crap start to my morning! Then I feel like crying about it which makes me more mad because it's not worth crying about. Techonology is TW today!
  • @biolprof ugh that sucks majorly. Technology can totally be the biggest TW out there some days.
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  • In the technology vein... I am the TW because I directed edited a google doc for work without making a copy.  It was no big deal to fix (it was a 2 second fix), but the person who created the doc was majorly rude about it and tagged me publicly in several places to let me know.   Can't a lady with pregnancy brain catch a break?
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