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1st Trimester

Anyone with a similar experience?

So, I found out I was pregnant on September 10th, confirmed September 11th by bloodwork with HGC at over 1,000 the nurse said.

I went for an ultrasound on September 23rd, and she said I seemed to be about 4 weeks, she could see the gestational sac, and the yolk. So she told me she'd have me come back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound.

So. I just went to the doctors on Thursday, October 17th for a follow up ultrasound. And now I'm freaking out. My OB said she couldn't see as much as she'd hoped, she thought it would be a little further along at this point, and was hoping to see the heartbeat, but she said it's still small so she might see a little something but can't tell for sure. She said she saw something else in the gestational sac that wasn't there before, and showed me, but didn't elaborate so, I don't know what that means.

But she told me she isn't worried or anxious about it because I haven't been bleeding or spotting or cramping. So she sent me to get my blood drawn and it was over 19,000. She has me going back on Monday for another blood draw so she can compare the two, and if the levels have rised then she will send me for another ultrasound this week.

She said it could be twins which is why things are progressing slower, but doesn't necessarily think that's it.

I have been trying not to worry about all the negative things that could be happening, but still every time my mind gets a second it's examining every single possiblity that could be going on, and I'm freaking myself out, especially because some or most of the symptoms I had have gone away.

I'm just praying that todays blood draw shows rising levels and the ultrasound looks fine once I have it done, but I'm just so emotional and freaked out, and I have no one besides my husband and mother to talk to about it because nobody else knows.

Someone talk me down. 😭

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Thank you. 😊


Re: Anyone with a similar experience?

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