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Fit Friday 10/18

I missed a couple of weeks, but how's everyone doing?

Re: Fit Friday 10/18

  • Honestly, I feel a little embarrassed that I'm the one who wanted to start this thread, but I haven't been able to work out at all in weeks. This has been the first week I wasn't actively battling nausea every day, so I'm hoping to get back at it soon. At the very least, a nice long walk this weekend.
  • Same here @aresee ! I keep bringing my workout clothes to the office with the hope of at least a yoga class at lunch, if not a gym session. Yet to be touched since about week 4  :(
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  • I’ve been sticking to one spin class per week and walking 4-5 miles (broken up as part of my commute) the other days. Also try to take the stairs every chance I can. 

    @aresee hopefully you can get back into a routine with the nausea diminishing. @liligirl87 sometimes if I sign up for a class with a friend it kickstarts me back into a routine! 
  • I did a 3 mile hike and a 5 mile hike earlier this week and was so sore! I’ve still been doing my Beachbody workouts and ran 4 miles on the treadmill yesterday. Some things are starting to feel a little more difficult/slower during my workouts. 
  • I’m hoping to finally get back into a routine next week. I have made sure to go on a lot of long walks with my husband (at least a few times a week), but I miss my morning circuit workout. I think I am going to bring it back one round at a time (modifying as needed) and work back up to at least three rounds. I’m also investigating prenatal yoga classes. I would love to take a regular class, but my commute makes the timing difficult. Once our office moves in December, I will have a lot more flexibility.  
  • I'm trying to find inspiration and motivation to start working out again.  I was working really hard to get back in shape after DD2 when we got pregnant and was able to keep up for the first couple of weeks and then 1st trimester knocked me on ass.  Now I'm starting to feel better and get some energy back but my 1 year old keeps getting me sick.  I'm going to ease back in with some prenatal yoga and then hopefully prenatal pilates.  I'm a big fan of Sarah Beth yoga on YouTube for anyone looking to get some exercise at home.    
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