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Intrauterine growth restriction SOS

Hello everyone!

I went in for my group b strep test and my doctor informed me that my stomach was measuring too small for my gestational age (37 weeks today). She did a very quick scan just to see what was going on and it turns out that my baby’s weight is in the 7th percentile while it should be in the 10th percentile. I have a formal anatomy scan coming up on the 22nd but I’m very scared because I’ve been researching it and, although it doesn’t sound too bad, my cousin had a kid a year ago who was small, premature, and she hasn’t grown much since. She looks like she’s 6 months and can’t walk without help or make much noise. I’m scared for my daughter to be developmentally stunted and I don’t know why this is happening.

My OB told me some placentas have different life cycles and that maybe mine is nearing the end of its life early. I have taken MOST of my prenatal vitamins, although I have forgotten to take some along the way. I’ve gained about 40 pounds so it’s not that I’m not eating, although I have skipped meals here and there because I just haven’t been hungry... I can’t help but think this is my fault and I feel very guilty. I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. My OB also said that it could be due to my stress levels. I’ve been stressed out since the beginning because a slew of unfortunate events has enveloped my life since I got pregnant. I had to be admitted to a mental hospital in my first trimester, if that helps you to understand how stressed out I’ve been.

Now that I know she’s small, I’m finding it very difficult to relax at all and I know it’s not good for the baby but I don’t know what to do. I need some advice and maybe some stories with good outcomes from you guys. Has anyone been faced with this problem? And how did it turn out? Is your child okay? Were there any adverse effects?

Please help,
thank you.

Re: Intrauterine growth restriction SOS

  • I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. I haven’t had this problem personally, but do work in health care, and it makes my blood boil when problems with pregnancy are blamed on maternal stress. You did NOT cause this and don’t feel guilty. Try to relax because you haven’t had a formal scan with real measurements. It could be better than what she is saying. Just keep eating, taking your vitamins, and generally take good care of yourself. The good news is you are far enough along that baby is definitely viable and there’s no signs that baby will be developmentally stunted once he or she is born. Best wishes for everything. You are doing a great job. 
  • Thank you for your words, it makes me feel better because I’m so scared that she’s going to me developmentally stunted :( also, I just went in again today for another NST and they don’t even give you any information at the end! It’s frustrating because they just say “okay see you next week.” 😩 What the heck, can you let me know about my fluid levels, or say something at least? It’s already scary and it’s even scarier to not know any new information:/
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  • @knottie03f261afc0c28562 There's nothing that you have or could have done to cause IUGR. Even if that's what's going on with you, it doesn't mean the baby will have stunted growth. What happened in your cousin's case is probably a genetic abnormality or other disability. It sounds like a rare thing to have happen. (Though- it's very normal for a baby to not be walking by 1. I don't even think Drs are concerned until at least 18 months. And premature babies typically take longer to reach milestones anyways.) As far as your NSTs go- no news is usually good news. If there was a concern, you would hear from your Dr. My advice to you is to trust your medical professionals and do what they advise.

    That said- it sounds like your anxiety is getting the best of you. There is a point to which it goes beyond normal and ventures into irrational and excessive. There is such a thing as postpartum anxiety and you can develop it prior to giving birth- in fact it often gets worse after birth. Worrying about your child is normal and natural- but I guarantee you it doesn't stop when you have the baby. There's always something to worry about. I highly suggest you seek a therapist and check in with them regularly for your health and the health/well being of your child. I say this not out of judgement but with kindness. You can not take care of baby if you can't take care of you. And postpartum is a roller coaster, let me tell you.

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  • There’s nothing you did to cause IUGR. I work in a birthing center and see this every so often. We just go ahead and induce (or csection) early because baby would get better nutrition on the outside than they are receiving from the placenta. IUGR babies go on to be healthy kids!
  • Also, NSTs don’t tell you about fluid levels. All they are telling you is baby’s heart rate and if you’re having contractions.
  • I don't have any advice on the medical condition that you may or may not have but am sure it is not your fault.

    My add is that my daughter was something like 5th % when she was born. She was not the fastest walker (14 mos) but now at almost 3 is in the top of her class in Pre-K and is an adventurous climber, etc. You don't need to have a big baby to have an amazing baby. They all develop at different speeds in different areas. Some work on fine motor skills first, some become more vocal. So when the baby comes try to enjoy the ride and not worry about when she meets developmental milestones.
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