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38 weeks, had to quit working, husband mad

Is anyone still working at 38 weeks? I had to quit working recently.  I am a nurse who works full time 12 hr night shifts. I lift heavy patients and walk 2-4 miles a night. My heart rate has been getting in the 120s - 130s and I have had such terrible hip and back pain that sometimes I literally cannot walk after a shift. My work said they were unable to give me any accommodations due to my being a contract worker so they are taking me off the schedule the rest of this contract. My husband is upset and believes I am just not pushing myself hard enough to work 2 more weeks before my due date.

Re: 38 weeks, had to quit working, husband mad

  • I stopped working at 38 weeks as well. I'm a diesel mechanic and it got too painful being on my feet all day constantly lifting and bending and enduring a demanding work environment.  I would be in tears everytime I stood up from a seated position. I could barely move at all upon standing up from bed, my back pain was becoming excruciating. I am not paid on leave due to the state we live in there is just no required accommodations for maternity and my company genuinely doesnt care. My partner however is so supportive cause he saw how much pain I was in and knows my work ethic is strong so for me to give in and leave early must mean I'm really hurting. Hopefully your husband has since realized the same about you. You're not alone though, honestly almost all my friends who have entered motherhood stopped working long before 38 weeks with much lower stress jobs and much less active jobs. It isnt always the work load, womens bodies go through different things during pregnancy and you are doing what's best for you and baby! If it makes you feel better you can look into some simple ways to get a few extra bucks while you're home before baby is born. Im sure your husband will come around and be more supportive, stress makes people say sometimes careless things. 
  • I'm an OT and I ended up getting induced at 38.5 weeks. I had put in my last day for the day before my induction prior to knowing it would happen. My resting heart rate got into the high 80s and I was super swollen at the end of the days. You know your body and have to do what's best.
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