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GTKY - How we met

It’s kind of slow on here, so I thought I’d try a getting to know you thread. 

Tell us how you met your partner or about your first date. 


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Re: GTKY - How we met

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  • We are college sweethearts. I met DH in 2004 on my very first day of University. My Dad and I had just pulled up to the dorm making the long drive from Boston to Nova Scotia. We were walking towards the building and DH was coming around the corner from football practice. He held the door open for us and followed us up to my floor. He actually lived in the room across from me. Two days later (after my Dad had begged me to stay clear of any football players) he knocked on my door and asked me out. We went on a little date to grab pizza and a few weeks later we started dating exclusively. We've been together 15 years and married for 9.5.
  • DH and I also met at work.  He was an underwriter and I was in new business.  They assigned me as his new business processor.  One day he asked me if I wanted to get a coffee.  We immediately became best friends and he makes my cynical heart believe in soulmates.   
  • @smallbutmighty77 That is an awesome and unique way to meet. How did you get into circus work?


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • @mercury94 Our story is similar! Got out of a long relationship, moved to the boonies, and I was using Internet dating for casual flings. DH messaged me and we went out, there was clearly something there but I kept denying it because I wanted to enjoy single life. 6 months later we were engaged...
  • @mercury94 we had both gone to the camp as kids, and he worked there forever. I actually joined the circus at college (Gamma Phi Circus-look for it in the Macy's thanksgiving parade) so during summers I started working there. We worked together 2 yrs before deciding to date. His sister was actually our boss. 
    Work love- always interesting.
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  • @mandarenee898 yay for meeting at weddings! We have a similar story!
  • @mercury94 @mysteryship

    My story is kind of similar. I stopped dating guys for over a year because I was dating stereotypical college frat boys who only wanted one thing. After focusing on myself for 18 months my friends convinced me to date guys online so I can practice flirting again before moving away to grad school. Then I met my husband and we clicked. Which neither one of us were expecting Our first date was actually 3 days in one (laser tag, bowling, and movies). 

    We continued to date long distance while I was in grad school. We’ve been together for 6 years (3 years long distance), married for 1. 
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  • We met on Facebook in a group. Lol. I inboxed him first and started flirting. Ultimately we became best friends (long distance) and we talked almost every day for 2 years. He came to visit me for my 30th birthday and asked me to be his girlfriend. We stuck out the distance for 9 months before he decided to move in with me. A few weeks after he moved in, I got pregnant with our first baby (who’s now 15 months). Currently 14 weeks with our second.
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