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13 month old, possible Autism??

My wife and I are becoming increasingly concerned about our 13-month-old daughter in regard to mental development and possible Autism. The biggest red flag is that 99% of the time, she simply does not acknowledge us when we call her name. She babbles quite a bit but not really intentionally saying many words. Her best attempt at words is saying "ball" or at least her version of it. She will also something attempt waving and saying "buh bye". Mama and Dada are occasional as well and not sure its often intentional on her part.

She does point and reach sometimes indicating something shes interested in. She enjoys playing a version of peek a boo where she will see me hide behind something and she excitedly hustles over to get me laughing and smiling as she finds me. She also recently started sharing her food as she wants me to eat it which is good. Physically her motor skills are excellent, great on her feet and playing with her toys. She understands the concept of trying to put certain toys in their slots etc.

Nonetheless, the lack of her responsiveness to her name at this stage is a huge red flag. I would like to see her get a little better and more consistent saying a few words as well. Anyone experience the same stuff with their 13-month-old and how did it turn out?

Re: 13 month old, possible Autism??

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    I am in no way a doctor and I am not even a parent yet but this is definitely something that you should discuss with your doctor. Is she responding to other noises? How does she react when there is a loud bang?
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    She certainly reacts to noises and all sorts of sounds, just rarely directly acknowledges her name being called. 
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    If you live in the US you have access to early intervention- call them and have them evaluate your daughter. 13 months is early for an autism diagnosis (our son was diagnosed at 18months) but they can give you strategies for areas you are concerned about. Our son who is now almost 4 didn’t respond to name, didn’t babble, had sensory issues, and didnt mimic facial expressions or noise and didn’t play with toys at 13 months. He had been receiving EI from 9 months to his 3rd bday. He’s now thriving in preschool with supports (and he still only responds to his name 50% of the time 🤷🏼‍♀️) good luck!
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