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Group 4 (2/22-2/29) check-in w/o 10/14


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Re: Group 4 (2/22-2/29) check-in w/o 10/14

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  • @kper82 I’ve never gotten sick during a scan, but have had nausea and felt dizzy when laying on my back for too long while pregnant. I believe it cuts off blood flow/circulation. If you have to lay down on your back for any reason, I’d try turning your legs/knees to the side, if that makes sense. 
  • @kper82 I didn't have any issues but the tech asked me multiple times if I was all right.  When you lay on your back during pregnancy it puts pressure on your aorta so you probably had a drop in blood pressure which can cause all of the symptoms you described.  Short periods of time should be fine and I try to lay propped up if I'm on my back which I find helps.  At least the AS is the longest scan so hopefully you won't be put in that position again.  Feel better!
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  • @kper82 I was feeling light headed during my US today. Thankfully I had to get up to empty my bladder and that seemed to reset things. 
  • @kper82, the ultrasound tech kept checking if I was ok. Now I get out of breath on my back for too long and I get this feeling in my back that is like “omg you need to move now”. It’s not unusual to get lightheaded on your back later in pregnancy. 
  • @rikiteacup I would love your sweet potato recipe if possible! We usually do sweet potato casserole with nuts and brown sugar and marshmallows which is delicious, but the cheese and onions version sounds amazing!
  • @jvk2012 @zseirecarg @celticknotfire @therealbitts Thanks ladies. I felt better once I was able to get up and walk around. Just need to be more vigilant from here out!
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