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Ovulation test strips help !!!!!

Hey all! I've been using clear blue ovulation test strips and I have no clue if these mean I was ovulating over the last few days. Me and my husband have been trying to have another baby after two miscarriages so we want to know if these mean I was ovulating. Please help ! 

Re: Ovulation test strips help !!!!!

  • What do the instructions say that come with the OPKs?  Did you try reading those?

    Also, if this is directly after a MC without waiting for your first AF or being benched, they may still indicate HCG in your system and not O.

    Finally, please ready Taking Charge of Your Fertility, buy a basal body thermometer, and track your cycles. Its really the only way to know if you ovulated or not and what YOUR cycles look like, especially after MC as they can vary widely and take up to a year to regulate out to a new norm.
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