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Having a D&C next week...

Our 2 ultrasounds showed that our baby stopped growing at 6 weeks even though I should be 9.5 weeks now. My heart is absolutely broken but I’m not crying every 20 minutes today so I guess that’s something. My husband is struggling to talk about it and trying to stay tough and bounce back to everyday stuff but yesterday he was feeling physically sick, hot and nauseous which we think is definitely a stress response. 

I was giving it a few days to happen naturally and I’m wearing pads everyday but the bleeding has been very mild for nearly 10 days now so it seems like I’m going to need the D&C.

I have the D&C scheduled for a couple days from now and I’m just curious what to expect.
If you’ve had one:

• Were any of you in pain after it? And for how long?

• Did you have trouble going to the bathroom?

• Trouble standing for extended periods?

• How long before you could go back to work (I have a 9-5 cubicle job)?

I’m just sad and scared. So sorry that we’re all in this group but really appreciate that this community exists, certainly makes this whole nightmare less lonely.

Re: Having a D&C next week...

  • Hi. I’m so so sorry for your loss. I’ve had 2 D&C’s with my two losses. TW for mention of labor pain ahead. 

    I had vastly different experiences each time. The first time, I had lots of bleeding and labor-like contractions/cramps for the next 24 hours afterward. I feel like she didn’t get all the tissue out effectively (which can happen, but is uncommon). I bled for a couple weeks after. I got my period 28 days after the procedure. 

    The next time, I felt fine right away, had almost no cramping and only spotting for a few days. It took 56 days to get my period back after that one. 

    You should have no pain with going to the bathroom since they aren’t “in” that area. The only trouble standing I had was related to the cramping the first time. In retrospect, it was almost as painful as my actual labors. This is NOT the norm. 

    Since you scheduled your procedure for early in the week, I would schedule 2 days off to be safe. It’s a highly emotional thing as well, so I found it helpful to take some time to work through my emotions from having the procedure done. 

    Best wishes. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. 
  • Thanks, it’s really helpful to hear what your experiences were like. I think I’ll take 2 days off like you recommend and hopefully the pain and cramping isn’t too bad. It’s still very surreal that this is even something I have to do next week, I’m sort of in disbelief. I think the emotions are going to be a struggle for a while... 
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  • @Knottie97311397 I'm so so sorry for your loss and experience.

    I've been through two miscarriages... In both cases the tissue passed naturally, and other than back pain, I was physically fine... no problem going to the bathroom, standing, working, etc... It felt like a normal period... Emotionally it took a long time to heal... be gentle on yourself. 

    Good luck to you.   
  • So sorry to hear that you’ve been through this twice. Also appreciate the feedback about this.

    I went to the doctor today and they said that my body probably reabsorbed some of the tissue (didn’t know that was a thing!) but basically even though I haven’t had a ton of bleeding they don’t think it’s necessary for me to have to D&C. They gave me the pill to help induce mc so that my body can get rid of what’s left. 

    It’s definitely a really trying and emotional time. Trying to just take it one day at a time.
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