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Wednesday Ticker Change | 10/9

For those with babies due 6/3, 6/10, 6/17, 6/24

How many weeks? 

How big is baby?

Upcoming appointments?

Any questions?


GTKY: What is your favorite road trip snack?
Me: 34 DH: 38
Married: June 2011
TTC since Feb 2016
BFP#1: 7/7/16 MMC: 8/16/16 
BFP#2: 5/8/17 - CP
BFP#3: 6/27/17 EDD: 3/10/18

Re: Wednesday Ticker Change | 10/9

  • Thanks for getting this started! I just came over to do so. It's been a long day due to a grade level field trip.

    For those with babies due 6/3, 6/10, 6/17, 6/24

    How many weeks? 6 weeks

    How big is baby? Pomegranate seed

    Upcoming appointments? Not til October 24

    Any questions? Is there a way to simultaneously freeze time and speed it up!?

    Symptoms? Tired today, but that's really due to my day. Generally bloating with a touch of nausea. I anticipate the nausea will really start to kick in in the next week. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite road trip snack? I love a good trail mix. The caramel cashew from Target is the
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  • How many weeks? 6 weeks

    How big is baby? as big as a jelly bean!

    Upcoming appointments? Oct 24th (also PCP appt 10/16, just a physical scheduled last year )

    Any questions? should I keep taking tests? I see a lot of moms posting that took more tests, but I got a few positive HPT early and no period so I have just assumed I am good to go?

    Symptoms? cramping, boobs hurt, thirsty, maybe bloated

    GTKY: What is your favorite road trip snack? chocolate covered espresso beans, peanut M&Ms and swedish fish :) 
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  • @thumper615 you do not need to keep testing. I did yesterday because I have a couple wondfos left and don't plan to have any more kiddos, so might as well use them. They make me feel better, lol
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