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October Second-Time Mom + (STM+) Check-In!


Re: October Second-Time Mom + (STM+) Check-In!

  • Hi All! 

    First time Mommy here! This is all still super weird! I just felt "pregnant" for about 2-3 weeks now. Even went to the doctor, but was still getting negatives. She told me to wait till today, and there it was, faint but definitely positive! She must have known from my symptoms cause she already scheduled me for my first ultrasound on the 4th. 

    I am 26 my husband is 27, high school sweet hearts, been married for 3 years! I got off the Nuva Ring in July because of side effects. Told my husband I just wanted to off of BC since I've been on something since I was 16. We decided if it happened it happened, definitely thought it would take a bit longer!

    Love reading and watching videos about all the tips and tricks for taking care of a newborn! Obsessed with baby name videos on YouTube. 

  • So this weekend I told my sister I am pregnant. I told her keep it to her self until I am ready to tell my 4 year old.So she has been secretive about her excitement.

    My daughter keeps asking for a sibling, specifically a baby sister. Yesterday she asked me if there was a baby in my tummy OMG I almost gave in and told her BUT all I did was ask her why is she asking. To that she responded idk mommy I want a baby sister PLEASEEEE!!! 

    I said maybe one day soon but you have to be patient. I want to tell her so bad but I don't want to disappoint her if something happens. 

    **I am very worried about a MC. Like obsessively concerned for no good reason. Waiting on ultrasound on monday to ease my worries a little.**
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  • @lizanet my 4yr old DS did the exact same thing about a week ago.  I couldn't keep the secret though so now he knows but watching him say goodnight to his "baby sister" (we dont know yet but this is his guess) and give my belly a hug is the cutest/sweetest dang thing I've ever seen. 

    Me: 25
    DH: 25
    Married 5/21/2011
    Started TTC: 9/17/2012
    Dx: PCOS
    BFP: 1/17/2015
    DS: 8/28/2015 at 35 weeks 6 days
  • @ReneeJ2011
     oh that just melts my heart ! I am just wanting on the first scan to tell her. it's on monday and it can not come any faster. I feel horrible keeping it from her when she asks me everyday for a baby. 
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