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Marginal Previa at 18 week scan

I just got the results from my 18 week (gender reveal) scan and found out I have a marginal previa and may have to have a C-section. Anyone with experience with marginal/full placenta previa - advice/insights would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Marginal Previa at 18 week scan

  • I had a low lying placenta with my oldest at 18weeks, rechecked at 28weeks and it had resolved itself.
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  • I had that with my first and it moved up by my 32 week scan. My OB said it does in like 98% of cases. It’s more common than you’d think. 
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  • I'm sorry you found this out, hopefully it resolves and all is ok.  This is why it's the 20 week anatomy scan is just that - to find out if there are any arising issues with the baby - not a gender scan.  
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  • As others have said, the vast majority of marginal previa will resolve itself by third tri. That being said, I am now almost 37w and mine did not resolve. Your doctor can tell you the risks associated with a vaginal birth depending on how low your placenta actually is. 
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  • I have marginal placenta previa (anterior) with my first and it grew up :) they mostly do if anterior 
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    This is so wonderful to hear that most resolve themselves. We had our 20 week anatomy scan last week. I had been told at my 12 week scan that I had a single umbilical artery, so that's had me worrying since then. At this last scan last week, she said she saw two arteries, and that as early as 12 weeks it's hard to say whether there's one or two, so I was SO happy that wasn't something to worry about anymore! Then they hit me with the partial previa thing and potential c-section, plus bleeding risks etc etc and I was back to worrying again. But now I feel so much better. Mine's posterior so I know there's less of a chance it'll move up, but I'm still way more hopeful now.
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