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group 1(april 1-8) week of 10/7


Team Finding out/pink/blue/green:

Baby is the size of a(n): 

Upcoming Appointments: 

How are you feeling? 



GTKY: Do you believe in ghosts/have you ever seen a ghost? (Festive!!  ;) )

Re: group 1(april 1-8) week of 10/7

  • EDD/W+D: 04.02 / 14W + 5D

    Team Finding out/pink/blue/green: Team pink!

    Baby is the size of a(n): Peach, and can fit in a mug? Sometimes these daily updates are so odd...

    Upcoming Appointments: Monthly checkup tomorrow after work. First since we did all the first trimester screens roughly 4 weeks ago. Nervous!

    How are you feeling? Headaches increasing, but the nausea has really subsided so I shouldn't complain.

    Rave: I can feel a hardening in my lower abdomen which just seems so insane and miraculous! This is the first time its felt physically real aside from the negative symptoms. I also am probably delusional but I swear I felt some flutters down there the past 2 days. Who knows... I'm 99% sure its too soon.
    Rant: I'm completely exhausted all day but unable to get comfortable to stay asleep at night.

    Questions: Anyone have any insight into kicks? The when, the feeling? And how do you ladies stay hydrated? I'm having so much trouble getting enough water, which I never had a problem with before.

    GTKY: Do you believe in ghosts/have you ever seen a ghost? (Festive!!   ). I'm open to it but haven't had any experiences myself. Just dreams...
  • EDD/W+D: 4/6 14+1

    Team Finding out/pink/blue/green: Team pink!

    Baby is the size of a(n): beet!

    Upcoming Appointments: 10/21 for a checkup with my OB.

    How are you feeling? Ugh, I was doing a lot better but the last couple of days my nausea has been BAD.


    Questions: Nothing.  I'm so bad about checking in here!  I'm sorry, friends.  With my first, I was here every freaking day.  Now I'm so busy and it's STUPID.

    GTKY: Do you believe in ghosts/have you ever seen a ghost? (Festive!!   ) I was always on the fence, but now I live in a billion-year-old house, and if ANY place on earth was going to be haunted, it'd be this damn house.  And it's definitely not.  I've always gotten super friendly, warm, non-spooky vibes from this place.
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  • EDD/W+D: 14 +2

    Team Finding out/pink/blue/green: Finding out!

    Baby is the size of a(n): peach

    Upcoming Appointments: OB appt in 2 weeks

    How are you feeling? Nausea is less but still having major fatigue .. I can sleep forever! 

    Raves/Rants: Nothing !

    Questions: @liligirl87 I don’t think I’ve felt any kicks yet. I’ve been wondering though because my last ultrasound it was moving like crazy. I think it’s normally just gas bubbles I feel! 

    Also with the water.. I haven’t had an issue in pregnancy yet because I’ve just been craving water constantly but normally I flavor my water. I love arbonne fizz sticks but there’s so many options out there. 

    GTKY: Do you believe in ghosts/have you ever seen a ghost? (Festive!!   )

    I’m not sure if I believe... and I’ve never seen one!! 
  • EDD/W+D: 15 weeks

    Team Pink

    Baby is the size of a(n): avocado!

    Upcoming Appointments: 16 week appt on Monday 

    How are you feeling? Really good. My nose has been stuffy every morning for the last few days and I was surprised to see that’s actually a common symptom. 

    Raves/Rants: my husband is so excited about the baby and he got a little work done in the nursery yesterday! 

    Questions: I read I should’ve gained about 5 lbs but according to the scale I’m at 7 🙁 should I be worried or does it usually even out and get back on track within a couple pounds? I really don’t want to gain extra weight beyond the recommendations. 

    GTKY: Do you believe in ghosts/have you ever seen a ghost?
    I don’t believe in ghosts but yes to aliens!
  • @liligirl87 I also think that I’ve felt movements starting late last week. Definitely not like any gas I’ve had before! 

    I am basically chugging glass after glass of water every day - feels like I’m thirsty all the time - so no advice on my front. 
  • EDD/W+D: 14+1; April 7th

    Team Finding out/pink/blue/green: Finding out!

    Baby is the size of a(n): Troll doll

    Upcoming Appointments: Just had an u/s last week! I'm addicted.

    How are you feeling? Tired but at least my stomach is cooperating. 

    Raves/Rants: My OB requested testing for borderline high blood pressure (EKG and kidney functions). The kidney function test involves collecting all your urine for a 24 hour period in a jar in your fridge and then taking it to the lab. Not stoked about that one!

    Questions: Would appreciate anyone sharing their experience with high blood pressure during their previous pregnancies!

    GTKY: Do you believe in ghosts/have you ever seen a ghost? (Festive!!   ) I've never believed in ghosts, but after my gma died I had a few dreams about her and found out that two family members had the same dream. In the dream she kept saying she wasn't dead. 
  • @danibean19 lurking from group 2. I always have high blood pressure at doctor's offices(white coat syndrome), so my doctor had me take bp at home and bring in readings. Everything was fine till week 32 last pregnancy when my bp started rising and protein was found in my urine. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and had twice weekly ultrasounds till I was induced and delivered at 37 weeks. My bp went crazy during delivery, so I got put on bp medicine and have been since then. This time, ob is having me monitor bp at home and sent me for an ekg. So far, everything is good.
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  • @Kathryn0903 Thanks for sharing! I always have white coat syndrome and bought a test machine for at home too (where its sometimes below the recommended level :| ). The doctors haven't made a big deal out of it yet but I've been curious where its leading. Good to know I shouldn't get complacent!
  • @Kathryn0903 - Thanks for sharing! I am worried about delivering early. I have always had "elevated" blood pressure and did the home testing a few years ago but my PCP wasn't ready to medicate, basically saying that diet/exercise and stress changes could stabilize it. So I was usually in the 120s/80 with my PCP and RE. My first two OB appointments I was 142/80 and 137/80. They said it usually raises while pregnant but since I was already borderline high they have some concern.
  • @independentgeorge I've had a HORRIBLE stuffy nose and it's driving me crazy!  I forgot about this symptom from my first pregnancy.  So annoying.
  • @danibean19 you might just get extra monitoring during pregnancy. Last time, my OB's goal was to get me to 37 weeks and then induce and I made that goal, so hopefully you have a similar experience. 37 weeks is technically full term and my baby was fine. He was a little small, but no NICU time or anything.
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  • EDD/W+D: April 3, 14w6d

    Team Finding out/pink/blue/green: Finding Out

    Baby is the size of a(n): Apple 

    Upcoming Appointments: Had one yesterday. 

    How are you feeling? Much better but it could be because I’m on a two week break. 

    Raves/Rants: I’m still always exhausted and I’m constantly paranoid about losing this baby.  


    GTKY: Do you believe in ghosts/have you ever seen a ghost? (Festive!!   )

    My Family tells many stories of my Grandpa’s house.  My aunt (died at 20 after giving birth 2 weeks before) and grandmother passed in the house.   So yes but I’ve never seen a ghost.  

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  • EDD/W+D: 14+1; April 8th (this is based on the dating ultrasound even though my midwife is sticking with April 3rd) 

    Team Finding out/pink/blue/green: Finding out!

    Baby is the size of a(n): Peach or a best. Today it is as tall as a playing card or something like that. 

    Upcoming Appointments: I just got a bunch of blood work done yesterday and decided to get the MaterniT21 test done. My next appointment with the midwife is October 30th

    How are you feeling? I’m feeling good. I feel like stretching tightness in my lower abdomen and pelvis. I had back pain and some sciatic pain, but got a back rest for my chair that helps. 

    Raves/Rants: I just bought some new maternity clothes for the first time with some deals from motherhood maternity! Maternity leggings are sooo comfy! 

    anyone else feel like the daily updates on this app makes the baby shrink sometimes?? One day it’s the size of a rubik’s cube, the next it’s a sugar packet. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    @liligirl87 I haven’t felt anything yet, but I think I read somewhere that you can feel them this early! 

    GTKY: Do you believe in ghosts/have you ever seen a ghost? (Festive!!   ) I believe in ghosts but never have had an encounter with one. I have had dreams with people I know that have died in them and I’m the only one who can see them on my dreams though. 
  • @Sincera4 I have been feeling that anxiety occasionally too. I finally blocked out maternity leave on my personal calendar yesterday even though it feels like such a long shot that I’ll actually bring a baby home — actually statistically at this point it is pretty likely that most of us will bring our babies home! (Not sure of your specific history but I hope your odds are good). I figure if it’s way more likely that I am going to have a baby than not, I should try to tell myself that it IS happening. Hoping you have lots of positive parts of pregnancy to look forward too! 
  • EDD/W+D: 15w2d, April 1

    Team Finding out/pink/blue/green: team blue

    Baby is the size of a(n): orange

    Upcoming Appointments: I had one yesterday with my midwife and I'll see her again next week for an ultrasound to measure cervical length since I'll be starting progesterone injections next week. I'll apparently have ultrasounds every 2 weeks to measure that from now on. After that, I have my anatomy scan on 10/21 with the perinatologist.

    How are you feeling? So. Much. Better. Nausea is almost completely gone, as are most food aversions. Thank goodness!!

    Raves/Rants: I just want to rave about my sweet 12 yr old son who got all his grades up this quarter to As and got to be a ball kid Wednesday at the Atlanta United game. We've had trouble with his behavior at school so far this year but he seems to be working on it and I'm just really proud of him.

    Questions: ...

    GTKY: Do you believe in ghosts/have you ever seen a ghost? (Festive!!   ) I do believe and I've never seen one. I'd like to keep it that way too. I'm a huge scaredy cat and I'm pretty sure I'd just die right there if I actually saw one.
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