Pregnant after a Loss

Hope this doesn't trigger anyone, didn't know what board to post to and I have a mind f*c! Question

I can't recall when my real LMP was.
Trigger warnings! 
Ok: in late August I passed a fetus at the dinner table about the size of a panty liner. Freaked out! Threw it away in the garage. 

Late September (so a month later) I got multiple positive hpts. 

Due to my history of loss (5 confirmed losses and 4 what I suspect to be unconfirmed)  I didn't go in. By the time I caved and got bw my tests had faded and beta came back negative. 

That was 2 weeks ago. 

Now a week later I am in PAIN. Just like my other losses, except not bleeding. 

Broke down and went to the ER and the Dr said if my bw was negative I was never pregnant. I didn't think that was true? I walked around once with a non viable pregnancy for weeks before I finally caved and got cytotec to pass it.  I'm mind blown bc this feels the same. Contraction like cramps, etc. But, no blood.

Was that Dr full of it?
Can hcg reach zero and you still have to wait for your body to expell the products of conception? 

Anyway, any insight would be appreciated.

Congratulations to all of you!

Re: Hope this doesn't trigger anyone, didn't know what board to post to and I have a mind f*c! Question

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    I'd call your OB for your specific situation. An ER Doc is all fine and great, but they don't specialize in pregnancy. But, my HCG was 79, down from 28K, when my miscarriage completed, around 19 when I ovulated 2 weeks later. I finally had a negative test just as my first cycle was to start, all told about 4.5w. My first ovulation was super painful, as was my first cycle. I had days of cramping before I started bleeding, and then it was heavier and STILL painful.
  • Very sorry for your losses. My last pregnancy (also my first) ended in miscarriage. From what I've experienced/learned hcg will not go down to zero if there are still "retained contents" (sorry for the terrible term). It usually takes weeks for hcg to return to 0 after a loss, but of course that depends on how high it was to begin with. If you're having a lot of pain there could be something else going on and I would definitely insist it's looked into further. Best of luck xo 
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