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Unsolicited advice from non-parent friend

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Oh. My. Gosh. Well, first of all, I am 26 weeks pregnant and I also have 2 year old. This isn’t a post about pregnancy though. This is venting about how bleeping annoying (ANNOYING!) it is when a non-parent friend continues to offer intense and unsolicited parenting advice. It is driving me CRAZY!! I honestly think I’m just going to stop talking to her. The subjects that she dives intensely into are: food (she suggests non-pasteurized milk and cod liver oil and no raw fruits or veggies they “should always be cooked in lots
of butter”) *OH OKAY THATS INSANE AND GOOD LUCK GETTING A TODDLER TO EAT THAT STUFF 😂*, vaccinations (she’s against them 🤐), co-sleeping (She’s against it). The list goes on. And fine, if that’s the way she wants to raise her child if she ever has one then good for her, I would not suggest otherwise because it’s HER child. But omg it is like nails on a chalkboard to
me when I receive one of her long-winded text messages about what I “should” or “shouldn’t” do as a mother. Like. Wtf. She is 40 and works at a coffee shop pretending she is 20. And she has the audacity to tell me (a very dedicated wife and mother) how I should raise my child?! Omg. A parent knows not to so strongly enforce their views onto other parents, because they know that every parent has their own style and way of doing things. Lol. Okay I’m done. But honestly, I think I’m just gonna stop talking to her. We live in different states so it should be easy enough. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive because of hormones but I kinda don’t think so. 😂

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  • I am also a non-parent but I can already see how incredibly frustrating that is! Have you tried telling your friend how she's making you feel?
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  • You are not being too sensitive. She is being inappropriate and disrespectful. 

    Have you thought about saying something like, “I really appreciate your enthusiasm about a variety of topics. We don’t discuss our parenting decisions. So, what good books have you read lately?” (Change the subject... I’ve heard it called “bean dipping”) 

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  • I think you should follow your intuition and stop talking to her. “Friends” like that take a lot of energy. You’ve got better things to do, like enjoying the children you are raising your way 😊
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