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UO thursday 10/4

I actually have an unpopular opinion today! So o figured I'd start the thread even tho it is fairly late.

Mine is that I dont understand the hype with game of thrones. My sister is obsessed, so I read the first 3 books but I just dont understand the big deal with the series. Sure they were decent books but with all the brutality it didnt really appeal to me🤷‍♀️

Re: UO thursday 10/4

  • Ugh my UO is the bump app sucks! It wouldn't let me on community for like a month. Actually, it's probably not that unpopular. But I did love game of thrones.
  • @babybison Not an unpopular opinion at all. I had to use the browser version a few times recently.

    I also don’t understand the appeal of Game of Thrones. Haven’t tried the books, but had no interest in the show. 


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  • I also have never watched Game of Thrones. 
  • One episode of GOT here and I was done. Sorry, not sorry.

    I also think Seinfeld is one of the most useless, stupid shows ever. Serious UO but just, I don't understand the love.
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  • ppppffffttttt you guys just don't know what's good  :)

    Since we're on shows I don't get the love of Friends.  I also never got into Breaking Bad.
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