Pregnant after a Loss

Afraid to take the test...

Hi all. I joined the bump back in August when I was pregnant but I lost the pregnancy. It was only 6.5 weeks, but harder on me than I would have thought. In the three weeks we knew about it, my husband and I got really excited. It was our first pregnancy, planned. I have a daughter that I had at 18, and it was exciting to have a pregnancy that was thought out.
Anyway, we tried again and I think I’m pregnant, but I’m too afraid to take the test to find out. That’s crazy, right? It just feels like I shouldn’t be excited to find out. I missed my period 4 days ago, and maybe I’m crazy but I feel pregnant. My boobs are killing me, and last night the smell of my husbands reheated dinner made me want to barf. With the last pregnancy I didn’t have any symptoms so I am hoping I’m not making it up in my head.

Re: Afraid to take the test...

  • It doesn't sound crazy. I was afraid to take a test when my 2nd period after my M/C was late (they were really wonky). I wasn't pregnant, but I was terrified I was. I didn't want to go through that anxiety again. The roller-coaster. A couple of months later, my SO decided I was pregnant, and I refused to consider the possibility. I finally took a test, because he said to POAS or eat Sashimi, knowing I wouldn't risk the baby's health. He was right. The first tri was HARD, and I still haven't fully relaxed. What I will say, is knowing either way (since I had both results) was MUCH easier than not knowing. 
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