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Product Spotlight - Diapering

Each week we'll spotlight a new category of product. Feel free to comment on threads like these throughout your time at the board, not just when they're in their week in the spotlight, if you discover something new OR are new to the board. This week it's.... Diapering!

FTMs are encouraged to ask questions & STM/+s encouraged to share their knowledge based on experience. You can use any or all the prompts relevant to you below to share info in an easy-to-read format. Pictures/screen grabs, if put in spoilers, are welcome!

For all:
Brand you like?
Any diapering accessories, you reccommend?
If you've cloth diapered, any tips you can give FTMs?

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Re: Product Spotlight - Diapering

  • I'm a FTM planning on cloth diapering with a diaper service in town. Would love any tips people have!
  • I liked Pampers Swaddlers for the beginning. Once DS got bigger, we switched to Pampers Cruisers. I did try Huggies at one point, but DS broke out in a terrible rash.
    As far as wipes, we use Pampers Sensitive wipe.
    If you go the Pampers route, get their app to put in the codes from diapers and wipes. You can turn the codes in for giftcards occasionally.
    I definitely reccomend having some kind of diaper ointment on hand. DS is prone to bad diaper rashes, so we try to be good about applying A and D ointment regularly.
    Some may disagree, but I like having a diaper pail. We have a diaper genie, but just use regular trashbags in it. 
    We did not cloth diaper, but for those considering it, you may want to make sure childcare is cool with cloth diapering.
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  • I love 7th Generation diapers. They were a tiny bit pricier than other brands but not by much. We rarely had leaks or rashes.

    I wanted to cloth diaper, but I found I couldn't keep up with the laundering. @korthouse I wish there was a service near me! I did end up using them here and there, and my advice is to be willing to try different brands to find out what you like (I was sure I would like GroVia but Bumgenius fit my kid better). Also I found cloth really hard to use at the itty bitty newborn stage. Worked a lot better when he was around 6 months.
  • I’m a FTM and I’m going to try cloth diapering. I’ve done lots of research and I’m SO excited to try it. I can’t wait to find out the gender to buy lots of cute patterns. (Except I’ll try to buy most gender neutral to use for future kids). I plan on buying Atleast a few different brands to see what I like. 

    Im all about reducing waste and saving money! I’d love some tips from cloth experienced mamas. I’ve joined the FB group fluff love & cd science - highly recommend it for anyone planning to do cloth. They will set you up with a wash routine depending on your brand of washer and dryer. I plan on exclusively BF so the diapers can just go straight into the wash until they start solids. It seems super overwhelming when you first start researching but I think I have a good feel of it now and know the stash I’ll atleast start with. 
  • I cloth diaper. 🙋🏼‍♀️ It seemed overwhelming at first, I thought I would have a ton of laundry, etc. but it is actually really easy. 

    I don’t have a diaper service near me either so I have a small container with water I put the used diapers in, then the next day I put them in the washer with a pre-soak and extra rinse and they come out great! None of my diapers are stained. 

    I also like Bumgenius, but I actually prefer the ones that don’t have the inserts sewn in (AO). I hang them on the line to dry and in the evening I fill the diapers so they’re ready to go! 

    I have to agree with @mysteryship, it can be hard in the beginning but try different styles and see what works best. 

    When I do need a disposable we use Pampers and get our wipes at Costco. 
  • doraleigh35doraleigh35 member
    edited October 2019
    I cloth diapered with DD. We used Bumgenius, they are a little pricier but held up really well. Worth the investment. We have AIOs and Pockets, stash is about 36-40 diapers. I found that would last me 3ish days.  It’s already been mentioned, but for wash routine I follow Fluff Love. We just used Tide Free & Clear detergent, there are lots of different opinions on wash routines so you have to find what works for you. I love the Dekor diaper pail with a wet bag, we also had a sprayer attached to our toilet. Cloth diapering is a commitment, but once you get your routine down I didn’t find it that difficult. We will likely use cloth again with this baby.

    For disposables, we used Pampers Swaddlers. That is what she started with in the NICU, so I just stuck with them. We started cloth around 8 weeks.

    Edit- I should add you have to be careful with bum creams and cloth diapers. If she had a bad rash (not often) I would switch to disposables or use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (has to be the natural version) which is cloth safe. 
  • Just read the comment about childcare. Our dayhome was fine with cloth, she would just leave them in a wet bag for me to take home and I would bring back clean ones the next day. If your baby will be going to daycare, definitely ask your provider. I have friends who used disposable at daycare and cloth at home. 
  • Also use Pampers Swaddlers for the newborn stage. DS wears Pamper Cruisers now.

    My first daycare didn’t allow cloth, so it’s definitely a question to ask when you look for childcare if you plan to use cloth. 


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  • We are low key on a budget in our house and we use Target Up and Up brand diapers. 

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  • Pampers swaddlers to cruisers and then costco for daytime. We do Pampers at night. 
    Diaper dekor is our pail and we love it. Way easier than genie.
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  • We use huggies, I've found with how my boys are shaped there is less blowouts. 
    We tried cloth diapering for a while but I never really got a system that worked for me so we just stopped. I may try again with this one and see how it works.
  • Hello Bello! It's a new company started by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard and they're vegan! They come in cute designs (like Honest) but they're cheaper and only sold at Wal-Mart and Amazon. They've been wonderful.
  • Pampers Swaddlers are great, but once we run out of the name brand that people gift us we go to the Target brand.  We also use the Target sensitive skin wipes. For diaper cream we usually Butt Paste.   
  • We cloth diapered with my first and were super lucky to have a diaper store in town that does rentals, so we could try different styles and see what worked. We went with just prefolds and covers most of the time. We're going to try to do it again with our second, but I don't know if we'll have the time for the extra laundry. It wasn't bad the first time around, but our commutes are longer now and it seems more daunting.

    For disposables, we've been doing Babyganics, which we buy at Target. We had good luck with those with our first. They're not the best for being environmentally friendly, but pretty good, and not terribly expensive.
  • I really wanted to cloth diaper with my daughter but my husband was totally not on board. My son did better with Pampers and my daughter does better with Huggies as far a reducing occurrence of blowouts and diaper rash. My son was more prone to rashes than my daughter and the best cream I've found for us is Desitin. We've tried so many kinds and that just seemed to work best. I only use it when they get rashes though, not always. For wipes I love the Pampers sensitive with pop up packaging. Good luck to all those cloth diapering! Everyone I know that does it loves it and they save money over time and can be used for future kids.
  • My sister gave us all her old cloth diapers, which she had been a SAHM with the first kid so she could wash a load every day. With her 2nd/3rd kid she bought some more but did a blend of disposable and cloth. We’re going to do both as well, but not invest in any new cloth. Not sure of brands for disposable but I guess we’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t. 
  • For our DS the name brand diaper we used while he was really little was Pampers swaddlers then we transitioned to generic (around 6 months) and currently use Target's Up & Up brand and have had no issues. For wipes, brand name we prefer is Huggies sensitive or Sam's Club Member's Mark brand sensitive. As far as negative reviews, I found that Luvs diapers run small in size and leak. We also did not have luck with Honest diapers. While they have cute prints, they caused a rash and were made with a rough material. Also, Pampers wipes are much thinner in comparison to Huggies wipes; I found that when using Pampers wipes I have to use quite a bit more to get baby clean. All babies are going to react to different things so you may have to try a few different brands to see what works best for you and your little one!
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  • babybisonbabybison member
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    For wipes we use Amazon elements (their brand) sensitive. I can put them on subscription so I don't have to remember to buy, and they work really well. Our DS has sensitive skin and he's never had an issue, and they come out of the bag/wipe warmer one at a time. I didn't know how important that was to me until the other brands we tried came out three at a time. 😑

    ETA: we have a keekaroo peanut changer instead of the standard changing pad. It is super easy to clean from all the baby boy pee mishaps. And there are no covers to wash!
  • I cloth diapered my first two and plan on using cloth with this one.   

    I was gifted prefolds and covers (Mostly thirsties, a few OS from BumGenius) from my cousin when she used cloth and that was our primary stash. 

    I also bought two of several other styles to see what we liked.  We (DH and I) HATE pockets.  Lol.  Too much work.  I bought a few AIOs by a fiew different brands.  Or favorite next to prefolds are hybrids (Grovia and Best Bottoms). I preferred the Grovias.  

    We did have trouble with over night when they were a bit older so I’m hoping to try some other brands (used to see if it works). 

    When not in cloth, we like using biosoakers (Grovia) and Honest.  I am interested in trying hello bello.  My first broke out in a bad rash to most disposables but honest and Earths best worked for us so we stuck with it. 

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  • has anyone used Andy Pandy bamboo diapers?
  • Pampers with first two (both broke out in horrible rashes with Huggies) so we will go with pampers again. We use Amazon Brando sensitive wipes. 

    We are Amazon Prime members too and have diapers delivered monthly (wipes every other month) through subscribe & save. it takes one big thing off my plate and get a little discount. Easily change size or frequency of delivery too. 

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  • @doraleigh35 & @Sincera4 do you recommend buying a few of the different types of cloth diapers to see what works first?? I'm at a loss where to start with cloth diapers!!  I've watched videos on YouTube but I still feel like it's impossible to know what you prefer.  

  • Those that use cloth diapers, is it worth it to get cloth diapers, if the daycare we want to use doesn’t allow them there? 
  • @nicoleyolee I stuck with one brand and bought a few different styles. I read a lot of reviews and joined a few FB groups ahead of time to figure out which diapers I thought may work best for us. My best friend also CDs and she went the inexpensive route on Amazon which worked well for them. I know I wanted to use my stash for more than one kid so I invested in the more expensive options that supposedly "last longer" (they are still in great condition). Is there a local CD store that you could go into and talk to some one about options. I know the baby boutique near us that specializes in CD will walk you through all of their styles and brands.

    @babyrummom It would depend on why you want to cloth diaper? If it's to save money, that may not happen if you're still having to buy disposable. If it's to reduce waste or the overall function/feel of using cloth then it could work to do both.
  • @babyrummom We want to cloth diaper largely to reduce nonbiodegradable waste, but there's also a great diaper service in our city where we can get a discounted membership so it takes a lot of the hassle away and is more affordable. We put cloth diaper shells as a preferred item on our baby registry.
  • I bought two of different styles.  Two pockets, Two AIO, Two hybrid shells (6 inserts) of two different brands.  But mostly stick with prefolds and covers. We found out pretty fast what we liked and what we didn’t.   I tried bum genius, Grovia and best bottoms.  Covers Thirsties and Rumparoos.  

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  • Our keekaroo peanut changer arrived today. I love how soft and kooshy it is while being wipeable. Seeing all these bigger items come in makes it feel so much more real now!
  • @korthouse We love our keekaroo! So easy to clean.
  • @babybison That's why I wanted it! My sister was going to give us her old one but it's so porous and is quite old now. I wanted something really easy to wipe down.
  • We did pampers swaddlers for newborn and like 1 box of size 1s, and then switched to the target Up & Up brand - I was actually really impressed with them! They were the brand we had the least blow outs, leaks and rashes with (both girls got minor rashes from pampers and luvs and major ones from Huggies as they got older). They also use a fairly small amount of plastic from what I’ve read so for affordable disposable, they’re definitely on the more eco friendly side. 

    For people using disposable diapers, Target typically has a sale at least once a month where it’s like spend $75/get $15 gift card or spend $100/get $20. I typically stock up on diapers at that time (usually can buy 3-4 boxes of diapers and a box of wipes) and it helps save a TON of money. They currently have a sale for spend $100 get $20 (if you order for pick up on the app) through midnight Saturday night!
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @skc040512 I was a huge fan of the Target diapers up until about a month ago.  They changed the design of them and now DD2 blows them out constantly.  We’re trying the Could Island ones now but they’re not much better.  Maybe they will work for others but  we’re on the hunt for a new inexpensive brand.  In another thread a bunch of ladies suggested the Amazon brand.  
  • @KFrob interesting! We haven’t had any issues with DD2 yet, but I honestly don’t remember when we bought the diapers she’s wearing 😂 the good thing with target is you can still easily exchange them if they’re not working out and you’ve got a stockpile lol 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @skc040512 I'm so sad!  I  <3 Target so much
  • Lurking from May. Someone asked about other more affordable options. We used to use Earth’s Best with DD, but due to a need to cut our budget, tried Target Up and Up this year and they leaked a lot. Switched to Walmart Parents Choice diapers and they have been great - no leaks - and super cost-effective. We do use Water Wipes at home, but at daycare they default to using Kirkland wipes and we just started letting them do that because they seemed to be just doing it anyway and we didn’t really notice a difference. 
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