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Weaning 16 month old Lactose Intolerance Baby

Hey guys. I'm at the point in giving up. Found out im pregnant so it makes matters worst because the next baby I decided for health reasons im going to put he/she on formula. But my little I have is 16 months old and he is lactose intolerant therefore we had no other option but to breastfed him because that's what he could keep down. Now he's at a point where he drinks water and eats solids just fine but im a SAHM so he's heavily dependent on being next to me and on my breast at anytime. Any tips on weaning? I've tried leaving him with family and they told me he just kept screaming mama and literally would not eat anything basically trying to starve his self because he wanted my breast that bad. I honestly I am reaching a emotional breaking point because no matter if I routinely give him his sippy cup he still sees me as a source even when I cut down on a breastfeeding a day. I need help badly. I want to be done by the time the new baby gets here because im not breastfeeding the new baby. I'm anemic and have c trait so my iron is naturally low. And breastfeeding to babies instead of one will lead to me feeling sick and malnourished all the time and I can't take it. Please help😕

Re: Weaning 16 month old Lactose Intolerance Baby

  • To ask your doctor for a recommendation for a milk alternative, whether soy milk, oat or almond milk or even toddler formula (they make dairy free/hypoallergenic ones). As for weaning, I’d gradually tapering off doesn’t work you might have to go cold turkey. You may want to find your local La Leche League or a lactation consultant and get some other suggestions.
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