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  • My first app tomorrow oct 2nd :)
  • I'm currently sitting in a Johnny shirt at the clinic waiting for the doctor to come examine me lol
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  • I had my 12w check in today. We saw and measured the baby's HB, it was 160. 
  • I have my second appointment at 13 weeks tomorrow. Not sure what it is going to consist of! 
  • Not until October 16 😩😩 but I got a Doppler and can check on baby whenever I want now, so that’s helpful. 
  • Not until Oct 24.  Seems so far away!
  • @ejoseph16 How is your experience with the Doppler? Our friends gave us theirs but we haven't used it yet because I'm paranoid about not being able to find the heartbeat. But I'm also starting to get a little nervy because its been 3 weeks since our last appt (all was ok then) with week until our next.  :#
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    @liligirl87 I have a Doppler and I like it to check in on baby but I can’t always find the heartbeat. It is definitely unnerving, just have to remind myself that it’s early and try again later. 

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  • That's what happened at my last appointment. The doctor used the doppler first but couldn't find the HB because she said the baby was small and moving around. It was very clear on the ultrasound. 
  • Interesting .... I'm tempted!!! 
  • @liligirl87 my BIL found the heartbeat, but it took some time. MH was nervous with how long it took, but once we found it, it was a huge relief! He taught MH how to find baby... it’s helpful that you can actually feel where my uterus is right now, lol. Plus I kept track of where my OB found it with the Doppler last appt. I’m hoping to not freak out and use it too often, but I can’t promise anything! Lol
  • I had my appointment today and it went well! I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and it was in the 150s! Everything sounds like baby is healthy and growing! I had to give a urine sample, had a pap got a lot of info packets, and I have to give blood at some point. We have to decide if we want to do the MaterniT12 or not before I go to the lab, but we are still trying to figure out if our insurance pays for it.  

    I actually have my next next appointment in October scheduled. October 30th, 4 weeks from today! 
  • I had my first trimester screen yesterday! The ultrasound technician was super amazing and showed us the baby’s heartbeat and size which is now 168 beats and measuring 4.9 cm which is a week ahead of my estimated due date. She wouldn’t let us hear the heartbeat because she said it could over stimulate the baby and cause issues down the road. 
    I have my next appointment on October 22 where she said the doctor could definitely let us hear the heartbeat since I’ll be in the second trimester by then!
  • Today is my last "double check" appointment and I am so nervous. With my recent history, my doctor wanted me in every two or three weeks. I'm just looking forward to not living in fear that something is wrong. 
  • Second appt at 12 weeks is on Oct 14. Strangely enough this appt seems to be coming up way faster than my first appt! Im excited to see the progress and hopefully hear the heartbeat this time instead of just seeing it. 

    @courtneyann0603 in what way does it "stimulate" the baby?? Ive never heard of this before or about issues it can cause. Did she elaborate?
  • @Heliumgirl717 I hope the appointment went well. 


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  • Next appointment is on Monday, and they're doing an exam, using the doppler for the first time I think (yay!) and will let me know how my blood work went. Is it weird that I'm really excited to find out my blood type? I can't donate blood because my family lived in the UK briefly during the mad cow scare so I've never known my blood type. Also getting some screening done later that day for risk factors.
  • @mercury94 it did! They couldn't find the heartbeat with a doppler, so I got an ultrasound. Baby was happily bouncing around!
  • Had the NT scan this morning. Everything looked good. Waiting for the blood results. Should be a week or two. The blood results were abnormal with DS. My OB started into the speech about not worrying if it’s abnormal and I told her that DS is perfect, so I know the drill. If it’s abnormal, I get the NIPT. If not, my next appointment is on Halloween. They are making me take an early glucose test due to PCOS. Yuck. Hoping to pass it this time because I hate the 3 hour. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • Had my NT scan and NIPT blood work today. Baby looks great and was doing lots of stretching and moving in there.
  • Had my 13 wk appt today. Everything looks good and heard the hearbeat for the first time. OB is concerned about my high BP at the office even though it's fine at home, so I get to come back with my machine for another BP check at the office. Annoying, but I'll do it. I was also told to start on low dose aspirin. It's supposed to decrease the likelihood of me getting preeclampsia again.
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  • Had my first trimester screen on Monday and saw bub for the first time. Then midwife yesterday and heard the heartbeat. All going well so far. I was told it'd all feel more real after the first scan and hearing the heartbeat, but honestly it feels even more strange now! Trying to match up knowing that baby is there (and what it looks and sounds like) with how I physically feel is super strange :)
  • Had a BP check with the nurse today. I have white coat syndrome, so they wanted to doublecheck my BP with both their cuff and my cuff in the office. As expected, it was high on both in the office. I was smart and had taken a reading right before going in that was perfectly normal and could show them that. For now, they're cool with me monitoring at home and alerting them if it ends up getting high at home. I was also able to schedule my 20 wk anatomy scan while there!
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  • 12 week appt was last Monday! I was honestly pretty bummed when I walked in and there was no ultrasound machine. Ive been seeing everyone's 11-14 week US and was so looking forward to seeing my little nugget growing. We did get to hear the heartbeat for the first time though. It took her a minute to find it but was strong at 161 when she did. I guess since we chose NIPT testing we dont get the extra US that they do for like NT and whatnot. Oh well! Got my NIPT bloodwork done last wednesday, so it should be done by end of this coming week. Planning a gender reveal for mid November to find out with our friends! 
  • @liselotte77 I didn’t have an ultrasound at my 12 week appointment either. The practice I go to only give a dating ultrasound and the 20 week ultrasound. It was nice to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler though!
  • @babyrummom it seems my office must do the same because she told me my next US wouldnt be until my 20wk appt also. Im gonna be way more tempted to find a friend with a doppler for in between lol 
  • Next week- Updated US, talking through what genetic tests we are still waiting on, update on future apt cadence and who I need to see next. (Prob fetal echo) 
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  • I had my 16 week appointment this afternoon - the heartbeat was strong and my vitals looked good, so I guess we’re set until our November appointment. I did ask about some pains I experienced this weekend, and based on how I described them, my doctor just asked me to be in touch if they become more common.
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