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best formula for baby

my son was tongue tied and had a hard time to latch when born, we got it clipped at a week old and now he got used to bottle feeding in the time being before when he couldn’t latch. My milk isn’t coming in although I’m trying everything I can to get a good supply. I had to result in formula and now my babe gets maybe 2 bottles of breast milk a day and the rest formula feedings. What is the closest and best formula for baby if this is all they’ll be taking? I feel like I’m failing my son the best for him and his immune system, but I can’t give him what I don’t have 😔 feeling stressed out. 

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  • He is 1 month old on Thursday 
  • Any amount of breastmilk is good, and formula is a great option, too! Any formula is fine, to be honest, because they are so regulated. Whatever one your baby will take is the one you should go with. And you aren’t failing him, you are helping him grow, whatever way works best. Remember, Fed is best. And you are feeding him, and doing a great job! 
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  • I use Enfamil Enspire- it's supposed to be the closest to breastmilk. It's really expensive though- $40 for a 20 ounce tub. But, if you're doing both breastfeeding and formula feeding, it stretch out how long the tub will last you :)
  • My daughter also had latch issues, but we were unable to fix them. So I exclusively pump and sometimes have to supplement with a little bit of formula. 

    I'm sure everyone has their own beliefs on what's best. Personally, I will not use a soy-based formula or a "gentle" formula due to their ingredients. I've actually started ordering from Europe to avoid certain ingredients.

    As far as US formulas, I have used Similac Advance and Similac for Supplementation. Both have been fine. My daughter hasn't had any adverse reactions when we've had to add it into her diet - no additional stomach or intestinal distress, no repulsion due to it being "different," etc. 
  • What were the reasons your daughters latch issues were unable to fix if you don’t mind me asking ?
  • What were the reasons your daughters latch issues were unable to fix if you don’t mind me asking ?
    We saw a chiropractor for adjustments and a pediatric dentist for lip and tongue tie revision. They, along with the providers at our practice, all said she has a high palette. So I think it's probably that. We hoped the adjustments might help and then that the tongue tie revision might give her greater range of motion (because in nursing, they are pressing the nipple against the roof of the mouth). We also used the nipple shield. Nothing worked. 
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