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Dad Needs Baby Name Help

What's your favorite? 

Dad Needs Baby Name Help 37 votes

Holland Kay Hill
13% 5 votes
Mira Kay Hill
54% 20 votes
Claire Kay Hill
32% 12 votes

Re: Dad Needs Baby Name Help

  • So, I am guessing that Kay is a family name. I picked Claire Kay Hill, but will suggest Clara Kay Hill. You can still car her Clare. I like the flow better. With a last name like Hill, you need to pick a name that the world is super solid with. Holland Hill sounds like a place with a historical event attached (i.e.Bunker Hill) . I don't care for Mira because I don't know if it is MY-ra or Meer-a.
  • I agree with PP I like Clara better.  Of the three choices Clair is my vote. Please do not name her Holland! 

    Would you consider Marla - I love that name! Or Miriam? 
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  • Thanks! I should clarify that "Mira" would be pronounced "Mee-ruh"
  • Mira was on our short list for girls names, but we couldn’t commit to it. Holland is terrible, especially coupled with Hill. People won’t be using her last name, and Holland Hill is just bad. 

    One of your names needs more than one syllable. If Kay is a non-negotiable, I’d go with Mira. Or Clara instead of Claire (which I also love). 
  • Holland sounds boyish to me and Holland Hill sounds like a landmark. 

    Standing alone I like Claire over Mira but voted for Mira because I prefer 2 syllables with Hill. Love the suggestion of Clara. Also suggest
  • Thanks! I should clarify that "Mira" would be pronounced "Mee-ruh"

    Kind of my point. It needs to be explained. That is never going to go away for your daughter. Always a deal breaker for me. My name needs to be explained.

  • I dont think Mira needs explaining at all.  I like Clair better but not with Kay

  • I don't think many would confuse Mira. Myra is a completely different name. In CA at least Claire has become a very popular name. Mira is refreshing. 
  • I voted for Claire even though I don’t care for alliterative names. I’d prefer FN + MN to be alliterative though over FN + LN. 

    I know a Holland who has gone by Holly which would be less appealing paired with your last name. 
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